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A Local Perspective

Addison is a small Illinois city west of Chicago. Roughly 36,000 people live in the city. The majority of the residents work for the United Parcel Service, who employs nearly 3,000 locals. Another major employer in the area is DeVry University, which is a unique higher education institution. It is a for profit company that has campuses throughout the country, but which has come under recent scrutiny for a number of issues, including bribing students for positive reviews.

Although Addison has a significant population, it in many ways feels like a small town. It somehow has a sense of community that is missing in many larger centers. From the Addison borders to the center of Chicago is only a 35-minute drive, providing residents with a small town that is located only a short hop from one of the greatest cities in the country.

Finding an Addison Apartment

When to search

When you're looking for an apartment in Addison, you want to try to look during the heart of winter. The cold weather here often forces people to head south to warmer climes for the cold months. This provides a great rental opportunity for those looking for accommodations.

Staying in the know

When you're applying to rent an apartment in Addison, take the time to come out to town to meet landlords early on in the process. If you're not willing to make the trip, you can be sure that other people will be. If you get out to Addison to look around in person, you can also find some places for rent that are only marked by ‘for rent' signs, that online-only shoppers will miss.

Life in Addison


The DART bus is a great way to get around town. If you're a cyclist, DART buses are also equipped with bike racks in case you need to take a shortcut across a large portion of the city. It is entirely possible to commute by car, but stay off Belt Line Road during rush hour unless you enjoy traffic jams.

Where to play

With public transit and good roads into the city, a trip into Chicago for world-class shopping, theatre, music and dining is something that everyone in Addison does from time to time. Closer to home, you can head down Lake Street to see many of the local restaurants. JD Muggs is a nice local bar where you can catch a game or some live music.