Wingate University:
A Local Perspective

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Students who don’t live in Wingate, either on campus or off in an apartment setting, have a frustrating commute. Monroe and Marshville are the nearest neighbors along Route 74 (Andrew Jackson Highway), and to commute from either of them to Wingate is a pain with traffic, poor weather conditions, or when students wait until the last minute to leave like they usually do. The good news is that the university is right off of a highway exit, which makes getting in and out very simple. It doesn’t get more small town than Wingate, which has a little over 3,000 residents. Eighty percent of Wingate University’s 2,700 enrolled students live on campus, so they account for most of the town’s population. Even though Wingate has the look and feel of a rural campus, it’s technically considered suburban because it’s just thirty miles from Charlotte. Truth be told, there couldn’t be anything more different between Charlotte and Wingate. It has a real quaint charm, but many students lament that if they want to live off campus they don’t have many options in town, and have to look further away for a rental.


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