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A Local Perspective

Vestal is a small city of approximately 28,000 citizens in the southern part of New York State. Perched beside the Susquehanna River, Vestal is known for its beautiful views and scenery. The natural beauty of the land surrounding Vestal is celebrated by the community through the maintenance of a huge amount of parkland for a city of its size.

The most important institution in Vestal is Binghamton University. The school has been consistently recognized for the excellence of its programs. Some people have called it a "public ivy" over the years to recognize the quality of the education offered by the school. It functions as both the largest employer, and the largest population draw in the area, as more than 16,000 students attends annually.

Finding a Vestal Apartment

When to search

A small community, Vestal is used to a flood of students looking for rental properties each year. Because it is so small compared to the size of the university though, there are only so many apartments to go around. You should start looking in March or April to get ahead of the other apartment hunting students.

Staying in the know

As in most cities under 30,000 residents, Vestal landlords put personal relationships above pure numbers. That means if you have good references and have a professional demeanor, you may be able to find an apartment as a student that might be more difficult in a city with more stringent income requirements for rentals.

Apartments in Cities Near Vestal

Life in Vestal


Vestal is an easy city to get around. If you prefer to drive, you'll have no problem navigating the small town. Foot and bicycle travel is also possible, at least during the summer months. The only option that isn't available is public transit, which is more or less restricted to transportation to nearby towns via the Broome County transit system.

Where to play

Vestal itself is a quiet little town, but for many, that is one of the best things about living there. Local dining options include Fushimi and the P.S. Restaurant and Luxury Lounge, for classic French dining. Just North of Binghamton on the Vestal Parkway, you can find a number of local bars that are likely to be filled with students every night of the week.