College of Southern Idaho:
A Local Perspective

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Twin Falls, like the majority of Idaho, has a crime average that is lower than the national average. The only part of town that could be close to considered a problem area is the city’s center, but CSI is a couple miles away from there. The school is almost secluded in its own little bubble; a campus that’s a mile long from east to west and half a mile tall from south to north. This area is a very safe place for students to live, and if they can’t get housing on-campus I would recommend for them to look for rentals in the areas immediately surrounding it, as they are very safe as well. The state border of Nevada is within driving distance of CSI’s campus, but the vast majority of students either live on-campus, elsewhere in Twin Falls rentals, or in another nearby area like Burley, Rupert, or Jerome. All of these places are connected by major roads like Interstate 84 or US Route 30. There aren’t any practical forms of public transportation in the area, so students will have to find a vehicle if they live off campus, or live with a roommate who has one. Most of the commuting is easy highway driving, and there’s rarely any congested traffic on the roads.


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