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A Local Perspective

Once the capital city of the Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah is now a city in modern day Oklahoma in Cherokee County. With only 15,000 residents, Tahlequah remains a small city, with one of the most important businesses being Northeastern State University.

Although the historic Cherokee Nation no longer exists, Tahlequah still plays an important role in the life of the Cherokee of Oklahoma. It is the capital for two different tribes, including the modern Cherokee Nation, and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.

Finding a Tahlequah Apartment

When to search

Finding an apartment in Tahlequah should not be difficult at any time of year. If you start looking a month before you move in you should actually be able to find many places available immediately. If you give yourself two months, you will widen your options so you can find an apartment in the ideal location.

How to Search

Finding an apartment can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. With our filters, you can narrow your search by price, floorplan, and amenities. Looking for an apartment building with a fitness center, swimming pool, and easy access to a dog park? We've got you covered.

Staying in the know

In Tahlequah, despite the size of the city you should have some options so don't be afraid to look at a few places before selecting one. Look for a place with a landlord who is hands on as well, as there are some buildings that have problems with absentee landlords who won't respond when there are problems in your building.

Life in Tahlequah


Having a car isn't necessary in Tahlequah. If you were working or studying close to home, you could get anywhere in the town by foot in short order. However, if you need to commute to nearby cities or towns, then you will find having a car is essential.

Where to play

The Cherokee people are intrinsically connected to the past and present of Tahlequah. To gain a better appreciation for that connection, visit the Cherokee Heritage Centre in nearby Park Hill. You can also tour a recreation of a traditional Cherokee village. If you're the type who enjoys the outdoors, the Illinois River is widely considered to offer the best canoeing in the State.