Saint Louis University:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Saint Louis University

St. Louis University (SLU) is a medium-sized Jesuit college located right in the center of one of the Midwest’s coolest cities. Though the school offers resources to Catholic students – daily mass, retreats, mission trips, and a school Prayer book – students rarely encounter the school’s religious affiliation unless they seek things out. This University is known for their competitive programs, particularly in Nursing, Business, Physical Therapy, and Public Health. SLU’s classes are medium-sized, getting smaller the higher your classes go.

SLU Greek Life is a big deal on campus, as 20% of students are involved in either a sorority or fraternity. Sororities and fraternities enjoy living comfortably off campus and cite this lifestyle as a great way to make friends and network. They also throw many parties and events throughout the year. The apartments around campus are bumpin’ with parties on weekends. You also have plenty of amazing restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues at your disposal. Not big on partying? There’s always a social event happening on campus!

Sports are a huge part of undergrad life at SLU. The St. Louis Billikens teams fall into the NCAA Division I. Though some teams attract far more excitement from the students than others – namely basketball – many of the other teams are also highly competitive. Unfortunately, if you’re into football then you’re out of luck. SLU has no football team.

When to Search

Living off campus is a kind of rite of passage for juniors and seniors, making it a popular option for upperclassmen. To snatch up a good apartment, it’s good to start your search as early as possible. Most students begin browsing for apartments in October. The search frenzy peaks around March, when most people are beginning to decide exactly what place they want. By the time August comes around, most apartments convenient to campus have been snatched up, so the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be.


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