Shepherd University:
A Local Perspective

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Most, if not all, of the crime in Shepherdstown comes from the university. But don’t be alarmed, they’re usually minor crimes like a party-related mishap or a theft now and then. I don’t think anyone can rightfully consider an area dangerous if the majority of calls to the police are for disturbing the peace or underage drinking. Outside of the university, there’s hardly any crime at all. This is a very small town, and most people respect the community. And if someone doesn’t, everyone knows about it immediately and will report them to the police. Shepherdstown is located in an interesting part of West Virginia. It’s a half hour from both the Virginia and Baltimore state borders, and a little over an hour from Washington DC. But in this town of a little over a thousand people, it doesn’t feel close to anything. Its atmosphere has an isolated rural feel, which most West Virginia residents are accustomed to, but it feels strange to outsiders, especially those from cities. Some students embrace the small community of the town and the university, whereas others go bonkers. Everyone reacts differently, but I feel like if you give the school and the town a chance it’s easy to fall in love with them.


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