Sandhills Community College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Sandhills Community College

From just an eye test, Pinehurst looks like a tranquil place where crime is sparse. Those perceptions are verified by the stats, which show that serious crimes hardly ever occur here. Neighborhood Scout found that Pinehurst is safer than 90% of towns and cities in the U.S., and safer than 97% of North Carolina communities. This makes it one of the safest areas in the country to live in. You’ll be surprised by how the neighborhoods here will make you feel calm and at home, even in the wee hours. Crime shouldn’t be a large factor in your housing search here because it’s simply not significant enough to worry about. Sandhills CC is steps away from the Southern Pine Waterworks and Reservoir Park, both of which are nice places to spend outdoor time. And a little further away is the Walthour-Moss Foundation, which holds events like cookouts, horse rides, etc. and is beautiful when the weather cooperates. But don’t forget about the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens on campus, which is every student’s favorite study spots and great for spending downtime with friends. There aren’t any cities around this area, so you’ll probably become more acquainted with nature and outdoor activities.


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