The Evergreen State College:
A Local Perspective

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Evergreen has quite a few special events each year that might perk your interest. In October Evergreen holds its Annual Harvest Festival. They have workshops that include wine & beer making, jam making, and canning. They also have tours of the school’s farm and garden. The event is free to the public, so it’s definitely worth checking out. The school also hosts periodic events with special guest speakers and other live events. Last year they hosted the Tenth Annual Latino Youth Summit where workshops covered topics such as applying for college and financial aid. There are plenty of bars and clubs to frequent in Olympia, albeit a small drive from campus. The Brotherhood Lounge on Capitol Way is a favorite among residents. This dive bar is cash only, so keep that in mind. The establishment even has a smoking lounge where you can smoke, drink and not have to face the elements outside. As an added bonus they have movie nights on Sunday. Another place the locals enjoy is the Eastside Club Tavern, they also are cash only, but has a great atmosphere to relax and have a drink with friends on a Friday night. If you’re into dancing the 1230 Room is the place for you, this dance club has a full bar, and a live DJ - so dance your heart out on Saturday night!


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