Ohio State University Newark Campus:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Ohio State University Newark Campus

OSU’s main campus lies in Columbus, about forty minutes from the Newark campus. Even though they’re pretty close to each other, they couldn’t be more different. The Columbus campus has one of the largest student enrollment in the USA, with almost 45,000 of them. At the Newark campus, meanwhile, there are only a couple thousand. The size discrepancy creates really different cultures, too. At Newark you could easily see the same people around campus every day, and when parties roll around there are usually two or three consistent locations and you’ll know the students who throw them. But at OSU Columbus, it could easily feel like you’re in the middle of a huge collegiate city. And I’m not even talking about Columbus, but rather the campus itself. The Ohio State brand is the same at both places, but they might as well be two different schools. Some students feel left out when a huge Buckeye sporting event takes place in Columbus and they’re miles away in Newark, unable to watch it or celebrate after with the crowds. But this is easily remedied by the spirited student body in Newark, which always congregate together to watch their school compete at a bar, restaurant, or on campus somewhere. And yes, I know you’re wondering, there are parties here, too. Some students, however, make weekly trips over to Columbus, either in their car or a friend’s. It’s so easy to make friends at the campus over there, and once you do you’ll have event invites and places to stay the night. Either way, whether you’re staying in Newark or heading to the big city, the nightlife for an OSU student is always entertaining.


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