Yale University:
A Local Perspective

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Housing prices are typically less expensive in East Haven than in New Haven, but are more expensive in West and North Haven. The nearby areas of Hamden and Ansonia are also generally cheaper. The neighborhood closest to Yale is downtown New Haven, but this is also the most expensive part of the city. East Rock is close to campus as well, but is nearly as expensive as downtown. These two communities, however, are still the most popular neighborhoods for Yale students to live in, along with Wooster Square. Everyone knows that Yale students do very well in the job market after graduation, but not many know just how many students stay in the New Haven area after they receive their undergraduate degree. It doesn’t draw as many graduates nearby cities like New York or Boston, but many continue living in the area to work towards a post-graduate degree, or stay at the Yale as a professor, or receive a job at the school and use their facilities for research or academic pursuits.


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