Minnesota State University Moorhead:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Minnesota State University Moorhead

There are two borders near MSUM, the one that divides Moorhead and the city of Fargo, and another that separates North Dakota and Minnesota. Both are just minutes from campus. There are good restaurants in Moorhead, from chains like Dairy Queen to unique local establishments like Pizza Nico. But I think the best restaurants are across the border in downtown Fargo. It might be a mile further, but with some of the fantastic eateries they have there it’s worth the extra distance. Fargo has great nightlife, with a downtown full of life and a large college (North Dakota State University) with parties and large events just steps away from it. Meanwhile, in Moorhead, MSUM has events of its own too, like concerts, monthly festivals, and weekend shenanigans at students’ apartments or Greek Life houses. But for city thrills, downtown Fargo dominates downtown Moorhead any day. Fortunately, they’re just a mile away from each other and are both a short trip for MSUM students.


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