Western Oregon University:
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Plenty of neat things to see and do around Monmouth, Oregon. The Airlie Winery is a nice, friendly, and laid back place. It’s situated in the mountain valley and it’s always nice to bring a picnic to share with friends. The Jensen Arctic Museum is also in Monmouth, it’s the only museum on the West Coast that deals exclusively with arctic culture. They have artic art, tools and more. Very interesting place. It rains a lot in Oregon, according to statistics it rains about 146 days (on average) during the year, and rains about 67 inches a year. That’s almost double the national average! This particular town receives about 11 inches of snow per year. The UV index is low on average, which is good, less likely to get a sunburn in the summer that way! The average high temperatures for the peak of the Summer only approaches about 80 degrees, so it’s pretty comfortable.


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