Carthage College:
A Local Perspective

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The Wisconsin Marathon took place in Kenosha in 2009, and an annual “Salute to Freedom” festival occurs every June. The Taste of Wisconsin occurs in Kenosha, drawing over 25,000 visitors. There is a Summertime Art Fair with 4,000 guests, Renaissance Fair bringing in nearly 20,000 guests, and Friends of the Museums Art Fair with over 5,000 guests. With these big events, Kenosha is becoming more and more popular to visit. Kenosha is the sort of place people live in, and then commute out of for work. It’s a quiet, residential town. It is a mainly white-collar. With Kenosha’s harbor, it is growing into a local vacation spot, and so the tourism to Kenosha is growing. About 25% of households in Kenosha bring in more than 75k a year, and 50%, more than 50k a year. The job growth outlook is good.


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