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A Local Perspective

With less than 50,000 people, Harrisonburg can seem like a small town to many who come from bigger centers. However, with more than double that number of residents in the greater metropolitan area, and with two large institutes of higher education, Harrisonburg actually has the trappings of a much larger city.

The two schools in Harrisonburg are James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University. James Madison University has global recognition as being one of the leading Universities in the country, especially in regards to its business programs. The school consistently attracts some of the best and brightest that the country has to offer in the fields of business and accounting.

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Finding a Harrisonburg Apartment

When to search

Harrisonburg is very much a college town, so there are many landlords who are prepared to and used to renting to students. Start reaching out in February or March and you can get added to wait lists for when places start opening up in the spring.

How to Search

Finding an apartment can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. With our filters, you can narrow your search by price, floorplan, and amenities. Looking for an apartment building with a fitness center, swimming pool, and easy access to a dog park? We've got you covered.

Staying in the know

James Madison has a great off-campus life (OCL office) that helps students adjust to off-campus life successfully. They offer a listing service for landlords that rent to students, as well as a roommate matching service that is extremely helpful for out-of-towners without existing connections at the University.

Life in Harrisonburg


Harrisonburg is a driver's city. However, if you live near downtown, you can walk almost anywhere, and there is limited bus service that connects the city to the University. The city has made plans to upgrade its bus fleet and transit routes, so better bus connections may be available in the future. At present though, it is best to either bring a car, or pay careful attention to location when selecting your apartment.

Where to play

The University campus is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the city to take a walk. If you want to catch some live music, Clementine's is a local watering hole known for getting worthwhile acts in. Getting out of the city is a great way to spend some free time as well. The fishing, hiking, cycling and camping just outside the city appeals to many of the tourists who come to town, and if you're new to town you should try to make the most of it.