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Green Bay:
A Local Perspective


Life in Green Bay


It’s impossible to think about Green Bay without thinking about the Green Bay Packers, and Lambeau Field is certainly one of the preeminent attractions in this quiet Wisconsin town. Packer fans should also visit the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame. People with kids should definitely find time to make a visit to the Bay Beach Amusement Park. This great park has fantastic rides, and offers everything that you hope for in an amusement park experience. For a historic glimpse into the past, visit Heritage Hill State Park. The buildings have been preserved to look just like they would have during the original pioneer days in Wisconsin.


There are several places in this small Wisconsin city where one can enjoy a world-class meal. Plae Bistro is certainly one of these, The gourmet creations served up on a daily basis rival those found in any big-city dining establishment. For a traditional Italian restaurant that believes in using nothing but fresh, high quality ingredients, pay a visit to Angelina. Bay City Smokehouse has the awards to prove it's BBQ pedigree, and if you love burgers, ribs, and BBQ pork, you'll find something to love here. Packer’s fans love Brett Favre’s steakhouse, which offers great food while doubling as a museum of memorabilia from one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.


Tom, Dick and Harry’s has something to offer everyone. There is a huge restaurant, a patio bar, and a dance club all in one complex. Titletown is a popular hangout for everyone who couldn’t get tickets or during Packers’ away games. Green Bay has an exceptional brewing scene, and many of the best bars are affiliated with a craft brewery, Titletown included. Other good options include the Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant and the taproom at Badger State Brewing. Keggers is a downtown bar that has exceptionally cheap specials that are always worth checking out. The Libertine is a great old-fashioned cocktail bar that has a wide selection of craft beer to go along with their vintage cocktails.


The National Railroad Museum is a fascinating place to stop; giving a detailed history of the mode of transportation that was central to the foundation and settlement of the country. For more than 20 years now, Evergreen Theatre has been producing live theatre in the Green Bay area, with more than 100 shows to their credit. The Oneida Nation Museum is a wonderful way to learn about the original residents of this part of the country. There are also several venues where you can see live music in Green bay. A’Bravo, Chefusion, Hinterland and Jimmy Seas are just a few of the places that regularly feature live music.


Ypsilanti has a handful of golf courses, but none has received such wide-reaching recognition as the Eagle Crest Golf Course. This course runs along the shores of Ford Lake, and the scenery is unmatched. The lake itself provides a huge number of opportunities for recreation. Boating and fishing on the lake are both great ways to enjoy a quiet afternoon. Cycling is also a very popular activity in and around Ypsilanti. Ypsilanti residents can actually travel to Ann Arbor by utilizing the Border to Border trail, which is paved for most of the distance between the two.


Bay Park Square is the major indoor shopping mall in Green Bay. The mall features a different variety of anchor stores, including a Kohl’s, Shopko, and Younkers. There are three shopping district in Green Bay in which the locally owned stores and shops are centered. These are Downtown, Olde Main, and Broadway. There are a number of great stores in the city that are essentially tourist destinations in their own right. Attic Books & Coffee is a combination coffee shop and used bookstore which all book lovers should visit at least once. Wine Premiere has the largest selection of wines in the city. Antique lovers can browse dozens of dealers at the Somewhere in Time Antique Mall.


In Green Bay, the word ‘sports’ basically only has one meaning, and that is the Green Bay Packers. This is one of the teams with the strongest fan support base in the entire NFL, and a Sunday game at Lambeau is on every sports fan’s bucket list. However, don't wait to get your tickets. Essentially every game sells out and the waiting list for season tickets is more than 30 years long, with more than 100,000 people apparently on the list and hoping to someday get their season tickets. Other than the Packers, the University of Wisconsin Green Bay is also a sports draw. The NCAA Division I program calls itself the Phoenix.


Wisconsin is home to a huge number of outdoor activities, but one of the most popular is certainly the fishing. Ice fishing especially is popular in the Green Bay area, with anglers having long since realized that the long-cold winters don't need to get in their way. Bird Lovers should all visit the L.H. Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve. With more than 900 acres on the shores of the bay, this is one of the best places to see a wide variety of avian species in the area. There are also some excellent local golf courses, including the Shorewood Golf Course and Thornberry Creek.