Colorado State University:
A Local Perspective

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The public bus system in Pueblo is decent but not ideal. For example, it doesn’t run on Sundays and the daily hours end earlier than most people, especially students, would like. The solution for many is a bicycle. There are plenty of local shops around here where you can pick up a cheap one, and a good number of racks around campus where you can leave them during class. And on the weekends you can take your bike out to the natural trails in the area and go riding with friends. The only problem that arises is snow in the winter, but usually the roads are plowed enough that you can ride on them if you’re careful. And don’t worry, vehicle drivers in the city are very respectful of bikers. Everyone talks about how great the outdoor recreation is up by Colorado Springs and in the Denver/Boulder area. I won’t lie, there are some terrific parks and mountains up there, but a little ways south on I-25 near Pueblo lies my favorite natural areas in the state. There’s the fabulous Lake Pueblo State Park, and then west is the Pueblo Mountain Park, and even further west the Great Sand Dunes National Park and mountains like Cottonwood Peak, Mt. Zwischen, Crestone Peak, and others. Students will probably take advantage of Lake Pueblo the most, but it just goes to show that you don’t have to travel north to find outdoor areas to have adventures in.


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