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A Local Perspective

Edinburg is a city of approximately 80,000 residents in the southernmost reaches of Texas. It is part of a large metropolitan area made up of several different individual cities, including McAllen, Mission, and Reynosa.

Edinburg is home to the recently renamed University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Previously, this school was comprised of the University of Texas-Pan American and the University of Texas at Brownsville. In 2012, the two schools merged into the new institution. Looking for a suitable college apartment in Edinburg is going to get more difficult in the future, as 2015 is going to mark the first semester that the new medical school in the university is open.

Edinburg TX

Finding an Edinburg Apartment

When to search

When you're looking for an apartment in Edinburg, the winter is your best bet. If you wait until May or June you will find that many of the best spots in the best locations are no longer available.

How to Search

Finding an apartment can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. With our filters, you can narrow your search by price, floorplan, and amenities. Looking for an apartment building with a fitness center, swimming pool, and easy access to a dog park? We've got you covered.

Staying in the know

The larger metropolitan area provides a lot of housing options, but try to focus your search on Edinburg yourself. If you end up in another part of the metro area you'll find that you spend more time commuting than you actually do living your life, working your job, or studying for classes.

Life in Edinburg


Because Edinburg is part of a larger metro area, the bus routes are designed to connect the different communities more than to provide a convenient means of transport within Edinburg itself. The Valley Metro system connects all the surrounding towns, and can get you across Edinburg, but for the sake of convenience bringing a car to town is a very good idea.

Where to play

As is the case almost everywhere in Texas, support for the local sports teams is very strong. Check out an Edinburg Roadrunners baseball game to really fell like part of the community. If you're attending the old Texas-Pan American campus, the Drunken Clam is a popular college bar just across the street from your school.


One of the great attractions in Edinburg is the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot. Nearing a hundred years old, the building is now home to the local visitors center, but maintains a fantastic railway exhibit. The Tejano Walk of Fame is a landmark that celebrates the stars of the unique South Texas music style. There are also a number of natural landmarks and attractions in the area that are popular with visitors and those new to town. The Edinburg Scenic Wetlands allows for relaxation while taking in natural flora and fauna. If you like your outdoor attractions a little more refined, a round at the Los Lagos Golf Club should accommodate you nicely.


Being located in Texas doesn't limit the availability of great ethnic food from around the world in Edinburg. One of the most popular restaurants in town is the Lucky Sushi Bar, which allows you to build your own sushi rolls. If you've been missing deep-dish pizza since your last trip to Chicago, visit Cordon’s Taste of Chicago for some authentic Chicago-style pizza. Of course, no Texan restaurant scene would be complete without some great Mexican dining options. Visit Taco Ole or Delia’s Tamales for some great examples. If you'd rather stick to the familiar, there are also lots of great chains like Olive Garden with presences in Edinburg.


Woodreaux’s Bar and Grill has a slight Cajun twist to it's food. The seafood is part of what tends to keep the customers coming back, along with the friendly staff. The University Draft House is a typical sports bar with way better than average food and beer selection. It’s very popular with the graduate student crowd. Fast Eddie’s is another great place that offers a bit of a different vibe than any of the other bars in Edinburg. It features electronic dartboards, a foosball table, a Golden Tee game, several pool tables and more. If you enjoy playing a typical pub game while having a pint with your friends, you will love Fast Eddie’s.


The Museum of South Texas History is located in Edinburg. This historical center is the best way to learn not only about the history of the region, but also about the unique blending of culture, traditions and peoples that has taken place in south Texas over the previous centuries. The University Theatre is home to productions put on by the performing arts students at the University. There are also plenty of great places to catch live music in the city. The Havana Club Bar & Grill features club nights with Salsa dancing, and live music on other nights. Carmella’s is another good options if you're looking to catch some live music.


The largest event in Edinburg each year is Fiesta Edinburg. While the celebration does have some historical significance (it marks the founding of the county seat) ultimately, Fiesta is all about ensuring that the community enjoys itself. The event is something that the whole city turns out for. There are carnival rides that are fun for the children. Then, there are several stages where live music is played throughout the festival. There is a parade on the first Saturday of the festival and a road race that many people come out for. Overall, it is a great way to get the entire community involved in a single event.


The La Plaza Mall is just south of the heart of Edinburg, and is one of the most massive shopping complexes in this part of Texas. With over a million square feet of shopping space inside it's doors, even the most die-hard shopper should be satisfied with what they find there. The mall is anchored by a JC Penney, a Macy’s, Sears, and Dillard’s, with hundreds of other stores hidden between them. Downtown Edinburg also has some shopping options available, and is a great place to walk if you'd like to grab a bite in between your shopping stops.


The University of Texas-Pan American is found in Edinburg, and the team’s local sports franchise was known as the Texas-Pan American Broncs. The Broncs Basketball and Baseball programs are especially strong. There are 15 teams between the men and women’s teams that compete out of UTPA. The Broncs program has produced a handful of both MLB and NBA players over the years. Once the 2015-16 academic year starts, the people of the city will need to cheer for the new athletics program. UTPA has merged with UT-Brownsville to create the new University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, which will have a new athletics program.


Cycling is a popular activity in the area, especially along the trails near the University. The most interesting natural occurrence in the area is the salt lake just north of the city. El Sal del Rey is a large salt lake that the Spanish mined for salt after they discovered it. You have to walk to the lake, but it is an amazing feature of the natural landscape, and definitely worth visiting. If you want to get outside while staying in the city, a great idea is to head to the local municipal golf course.