De Anza College:
A Local Perspective

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De Anza sits in the wedge formed by the intersection of Interstate 280 and Route 85, the two major roads that commuters take to get to school. And you’re probably wondering, where do these commuters live? Well, Sunnyvale is three miles north, Santa Clara is six miles northeast, and San Jose is ten miles east. These three cities are great places for students to live in terms of accessibility, but I would recommend finding an apartment in Cupertino if you value convenience. Cupertino, where De Anza is located, is known as home to the headquarters of one of the most powerful companies in the world: Apple. It’s also part of a larger region called the Silicon Valley, which hosts the most important tech companies in the country. This is a huge benefit to De Anza students, and not just for students majoring in something software-related. There are plenty of local opportunities for students studying marketing, writing, PR, engineering, and other fields, both in the form of internships and post-grad jobs.


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