Bowie State University:
A Local Perspective

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Bowie is a smaller school with around 5,000 students. But more importantly, it’s the oldest historically black post-secondary school in Maryland and one of the oldest in the country. The majority of the student body reflects this, as nine out of ten students are African-American. Approximately seven out of every ten students are female, and nine out of ten are from Maryland. Bowie has a population that’s just over 50,000, but it’s still one of the most populated cities in the state. Aside from shuttles to local clubs, the nightlife scene on campus at Bowie leaves a lot to be desired. Instead, students take public transit or group up with buddies and make the voyage to Baltimore and DC (but more often DC, because everyone knows it has better nightlife). Is it irritating that students have to travel outside of Bowie to have a great time? Sure, but having two large cities so close is great nonetheless. To be fair, some students prefer to stay in Bowie and have fun at small parties or low-key get togethers with friends.


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