Lynn University:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Lynn University

Don’t worry Mom and Dad, Lynn’s in a great area of Boca that you can feel comfortable sending your kids to. Mission Bay is the best neighborhood in the city, and is located right near campus. The Whisper Walk and Hamptons are two other great communities right nearby, and Boca Pointe, the closest them all, is also one of the safest. Students, you won’t be able to find the beachside condos you were envisioning in these neighborhoods, but trust me they are the more affordable and safer choice. Boca is famous for its shopping--boutiques, retail, department stores, the works. I don’t think that many students are able to shop a lot on a college budget, but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself after a stressful week or before a big school event or party, right? The Boca Village Square, my favorite place to shop around here, is a mile south of Lynn’s campus. You’ll need a car, because you certainly won’t be able to carry all those bags back with you! But just having a shopping complex so close is really nice, even if you’re only using it for groceries or products for your apartment. If shopping isn’t your thing, the beaches are only five miles away. I’ve yet to find a student who doesn’t love the beach--especially the ones in Boca.


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