Aurora University:
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I’m never too surprised when students tell me how safe the university’s campus is. After all, Aurora is an incredible safe city in general. So when students make the transition from campus to an apartment, they should expect to live with the same comfort level they have at school. Aurora’s crime rate is much lower than the US average for a city its size, and has around half as many burglary, assault, and larceny crimes and a quarter as many vehicle thefts as the average. It’s never difficult to find a nice part of the city to live in. The reliable Metra Rail service has a station in Aurora, but unfortunately it isn’t walkable from the university. It’s about three miles away, which you can only get to with a car (but that would take the point out of traveling by train) or bus. Most students don’t want to put up with the hassle of taking both the train and bus to class and back, so if they live further away in the city or outside of it they’ll most likely be driving. City buses are available for student use, but if they don’t want to use public transportation they should get familiar with Aurora’s sidestreets or Interstate 88.
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