Anne Arundel Community College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Anne Arundel Community College

Anne Arundel is about 30 minutes from Baltimore and 45 from Washington DC. Close enough, I’d say, to get an internship or part time job during the summers or on non-class days during the semester. This is a very fertile area for job growth, and following a tough recession, that’s exactly what college grads need. Anne Arundel students already have a leg up on everyone else because they won’t have as much debt, and their great location is just another advantage they have on their side. With the country’s weak job market, these factors are just as important to consider as any in a college. I’m not usually one to around quoting clichés or old sayings, but the weather in Arnold is truly both a blessing and a curse. In the summer students couldn’t find a more comfortable place to live, with a cool breeze floating from the Chesapeake Bay to alleviate the thick humidity and the sun’s hot rays. And there are plenty of plenty of places to swim locally that will help, too. But in the winter, the same breeze off the bay will freeze you to the core and make you wish you wore a couple more layers over the three you’re already wearing. But if you can survive the cold here, you’re rewarded with perfect summers.


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