Cooley Ann Arbor Campus:
A Local Perspective

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Ann Arbor is the location of many interesting events throughout the year. The Ann Arbor Art Fairs happen every July, and attract nearly 500,000 people. Each March, the Ann Arbor Film Festival selects some of its over 2,500 international submissions to highlight. In April, the Hash Bash, a festival celebrating marijuana and a call to reform marijuana law, takes place at the University of Michigan. The HomeGrown Festival occurs in September with lots of live music, brewing competitions, and food vendors. OutFest is a celebration of gender identity and sexual orientation, with music, dancing, and public speakers, which happens in September as well. There are numerous other festivals throughout the year, such as the Antiquarian Book Fair, African American Downtown Festival, the Folk Festival, Earth Day, Huron River Day, the Rolling Sculpture Car Show, Townie Street Party, and so much more! About 115,000 people live in Ann Arbor. The city is 70% White, 14% Asian, 8% Black, and 4% Hispanic. Nearly 15% of the population is of German descent, 8.5% is of English descent, and 8%, Irish descent. About 80% of the population speaks English at home. Around 5% of families live below the poverty line. At Cooley Law School, the majority, about 80%, of students attend part-time. The vast majority of students are White, about 63%, followed by 14% Black, 5% Hispanic, 4% Asian, and about 6% Nonresident Alien.


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