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A Local Perspective

Amherst is a small university town in Massachusetts. With a population of just over 37,000 and three higher educational institutions, Amherst is a student town in every sense of the word. Amherst College, Hampshire College and the University of Massachusetts are all found here.

Amherst is a wonderful city for people who want to immerse themselves in academia. The town is full of people who have spent a lifetime learning, and it provides a thriving educational atmosphere that is extremely welcoming to the new students who arrive in town.

Finding an Amherst Apartment

When to search

One of the best times to look for apartments in Amherst is in the late spring and early summer when last year's crop of students has graduated and moved away. Because it is an academic town, this is a way to beat the rush that happens at the end of summer and to get your pick of places for the New Year.

Staying in the know

Amherst is a college town, which means that landlords are used to renting to students. They're also aware of all the pitfalls that come with renting to students. Convincing them that you're quiet, responsible and reliable is key, and great references a must.

Life in Amherst


Getting around in Amherst is extremely easy. The small size of the city means that there are huge numbers of apartments within walking distance of one of the 3 schools. There is also a great bus system that runs routes from throughout the city to the schools. For example, 13 different bus routes deliver students to the University of Massachusetts.

Where to play

In any student town come student bars. However, the nightlife in Amherst is quiet compared to larger centers with ‘party' schools. For fans of craft beer, the Amherst Brewing Company is a great place to check out. Favorites among those who are of age include Atlantis, for a laid-back club vibe, or The Spoke, for those who prefer their bars without the party scene.