Make a Rental Resume To Land Your Dream Apartment

If you recently graduated from college/university and want to start fresh or landed a job in a new town, you should know that renting the dream property can be exhausting and tiresome. Here at Rentable we know the rental market is extremely competitive and being well-prepared is essential to stand out from the swarm of tenants. You should adjust your attitude towards apartment renting as if you are trying to land the perfect job. 

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A rental resume is quite similar to a work CV, commented experts from online resume builder A well-put and document to justify your credibility will ease the application process and will provide the opportunity for you to be noticed as a potential tenant by landlords or property managers for you’re so you’re “hired” to occupy the position of renter.

The classic resume includes a short objective statement with your basic information, employment and accommodation history. It is a self-marketing statement with which you’ll have a less stressful time while searching for your new home. 

Why Do You Need a Renter Resume

According to Craft Resumes, “A renter resume acts like a “pitch” which can impress a landlord or property manager and raise your chance to get the apartment/house you want. The application resume contains a summary of your housing expectations, application experience, and references. By providing a rich and well-written application, you make sure that landlords are well-informed why you’re the right applicant. That way they are more likely to lean towards choosing you for the lease, among the pool of rivals.”

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Resume Basic Touchpoints

To secure your new home start simply by providing easy to read information about yourself in a short statement.

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Make sure to include the following details in your rental resume:

  • Full name 
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Contact information
  • Previous accommodation
  • A reference list from previous landlords
  • Income and current employer proof
  • Occupation

Previous Residence

Add in your rental application, the dates when you lived in your previous place and how much your rent was. It is good to mention the reason you left.


  • The Douglas Apartments, Downtown Denver
  • December 2013- January 2016
  • Rent: $1450
  • Reason for leaving: Wanted a smaller apartment

Bonus tip: Include before and after photos of your last residence to prove that you are a responsible tenant. 

Objective Statement

A strong rental resume gives landlords or property managers a sense of who you are as an applicant and what your expectations are. Like a proper work CV, your rental application bio should be a 2-3 sentence statement about your needs for a new rental. Add to your resume what you’re looking for in an apartment/house and why you’re a qualified tenant.

Bonus Tip: Considering using a resume builder to make sure you have all of the most pertinent information available. 

Talk about how much rent you are willing to pay. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you expect your future home to have? In which neighborhood do you wish the property to be? Include how long you plan to rent. 

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Finish up with some personal information, including:

Rental Application Sample

“I have lived and worked in Colorado Springs for the last 12 years. Not long ago I moved to Denver and started a job as an occupational therapist. As my roommate moved in with his partner recently, I am looking for a new, smaller place to live. As a young working professional, I am interested in a low-rent home in the Five Points neighborhood as it is within walking distance from my workplace. I’m a responsible applicant and would love to find somewhere to stay for the long-term.”

In the same way, a future boss may look at your hobbies and character references to get an idea of how you work; landlords can use statements to judge if you will be a good match for the property. 

The most important thing about an objective statement is presenting your personality and character well enough. The fewer surprises your potential landlord experiences, the better.

Past and Current Professional Occupation

Include in your rental resume your work title, company, and since when you have been employed there. List your previous occupations as well. Landlords and property managers want to know if you will be able to pay rent on time. 

Are you wondering how much rent can you afford? Check with our easy-to-use calculator.

It makes a good impression if you have kept a job for a long period of time and if your financial background is clean. 

However, if you have any debts, the application process will probably become harder. If that is the case simply be honest and inform your future landlord about your troubled past. 

Add contact information of your employer to your statement in case your landlord or property manager wants to verify the details you provide for them.

You can also consider doing a Landlord background check


It bodes well when you include in your rental application references from previous landlords, employers or roommates. List 2-3 references that will put in a good word in case your potential landlord decides to reach out to them. Specify their name, relation to you, contact information and address.

Be Authentic and Honest

If self-boosting isn’t your cup of tea and feels unnatural, simply rely on references to advocate for your decency as a tenant. Don’t be anxious if your financial background isn’t perfectly clean. Disclose with your future landlord or property manager any past experiences that may ruin your application. 

For example, if you got evicted from your last place because your roommate had a party and tarnished the apartment, mention that! Landlords appreciate above all authenticity. They will respect your honesty and may look past your imperfect credit score.  

Additional Documents

Last but not least, it makes a good impression to put a small statement at the bottom of your rental application to let landlords know that you are willing to provide any additional documents they might need. Simply add “Additional Paperwork Available Upon Request”.

Make sure you are prepared to provide proof of employment, references, or proof of financial status. 

Good luck with the apartment search!