Three Studio Apartments Near UW-Madison for the Minimalist College Kid

Many students looking for off-campus housing in Madison go for big suites — it can be fun to split the rent with several friends, after all. But what if you’re more about that studio life? In recent years many people have embraced the cult of minimalism: fewer possessions, fewer distractions, and a clean look. If you’re looking to join their ranks, Rentable has tons of listings for studio apartments near UW-Madison. Here are three of our faves.


The Hub

You probably know about the Hub. You might have even gone to a party there — the rooftop pool is an excellent weekend hang-out spot. When The Hub opened in 2015, it was instantly the most luxurious student housing on State Street, boasting an in-house spa, a volleyball court, and tons of other amenities not usually associated with student housing. Plans are variable and mostly geared toward multi-room units but there a number of studios, as well. They’re small, only about 300 square feet, but with all the common spaces in the building, do you really need more?

The James

The newest apartment building in the downtown/campus area is The James, which is set to open in June 2017. You might have seen the construction for the past year down the street from Riley’s and Chaser’s. The building hits a lot of the student-luxury amenities: in-house spa and exercise facilities, rooftop decks, and a pool. It also includes two apartment types aimed at the solo renter with minimalist tendencies: studios, which are about 400 square feet, and “micro-studios,” which are about 300.

The Towers on State

The Towers on State are a block from campus and were designed with UW students in mind. There are two study lounges (with free printing), an all-hours exercise facility, and even a screening room. Better yet, the apartments are furnished — so you don’t have to worry about finding furniture that will fit in your studio.