A Renter’s Guide to Some of the Most Popular West Coast Cities

If you’re thinking of picking a side, geographically that is, go west. Discover here the top four best cities on the West Coast to live in.

Are you ready to go West? We don’t blame you. With so many amazing cities on the West Coast, it can be hard to choose the best option for you. 

If you’re hoping to learn more about the best places to live on the West Coast, keep reading. Find a new place to call home by looking into these great cities today. 

Portland, Oregon 

Portland Oregon Old Town neon signage during night time

This city is great for the outdoorsman, as it has so much amazing wildlife to explore. With easy access to outdoor activities in locations like the Columbia River Valley, there is always something active to do.

This city is also great for young professionals, as it’s becoming a hub for huge businesses and brands like Nike. Also home to the Portland Trailblazers and other sports teams, you’ll be entertained by sports around the clock, if that’s what you’re interested in.

San Diego, California 

city near body of water during nighttime

If you’re moving to the West Coast so that you can have great weather all year long, San Deigo, California is a great destination for you. Not only does this location have gorgeous beaches, but it’s also surprisingly affordable and hosts tons of great jobs. San Diego is known for it’s close ties to Mexican culture and offers tons of great Mexican cuisine. 

This is a great option for families, as it has a relatively low crime rate and affordable housing in comparison to other cities in the state. You’ll also find many great and affordable homes for sale in San Diego.

With options near golf courses, national parks, great Zoos and many other options, entertainment is endless is this sunny Southern California city.

Seattle, Washington 

aerial view of buildings

Seattle is a beautiful city with tons of great attractions. Visit the iconic Space Needle or explore the Pike Place Market for days of fun. The city has tons of ferries that offer great views across Puget Sounds

The high level of rainfall makes it a beautiful green city. This is a great destination for coffee lovers, as the city is home to Starbucks and tons of other hip and chic coffee shops. The city also offers a large job market, with companies like Amazon calling Seattle home. 

This city is also great for lovers of live music, with a great music scene with roots in grunge rock, as well as indie and alternative.

Eugene, Oregon

welcome to Oregon signage near trees

This charming college town is great for all ages. Home to the University of Oregon, this city has strong athletic and literary traditions. The Willamette River runs through the city for days of tubing with friends or relaxing in some of it’s swimming holes. Hotels, restaurants, and bars line the river bank for evening strolls by the water. 

This city has a relaxing and peaceful vibe, with a popular market on Saturday mornings for fresh produce and delicious grab and go meals. The Willamette Forest is a great place for hiking and boating for a weekend outdoors. 

Some of the Best Cities on the West Coast 

If you’re hoping to move to the West Coast without breaking the bank, these cities are all great options. If you’re ready to go West, look into some of these stunning locations today. Explore everything this region has to offer by considering some of the options in this guide to some of the best cities on the West Coast.