A Landlord’s Guide to Makeover Projects in 2020

Renting a place that you own is always a good business practice.

For some, it can be a way of passive income, and many people can put their kids through school thanks to renting a room or a home they’ve inherited.

Yet, if you want to rent your place for more money, you need to make it attractive and livable, not just from the inside, but also from the outside. The outside of the home is the first thing your prospective tenant sees when they come to your place, so it’s necessary to keep in good condition. So, here are some tips on how to uplift your rental with a bit of outdoor makeover:

Paint the facade

First things first, if your facade is showing some signs of decay, then it’s time to make it look good and new again, as much as possible. Painting the facade can bring your rental a whole new look and make it more attractive from the outside. If you don’t know which color to choose, always pick the one that fits with the rest of the homes in that area. Neutral colors are always a safe choice, but if you feel like experimenting, you can add some brighter colors to make your home stand out. But before you start painting, you need to prep your facade and choose the right brushes, and of course, if you don’t like painting by yourself, feel free to hire a team who’ll do it for you.

Don’t forget the front door

The front door is also important as they’re the entrance to the house, so if they’re not well-kept, one might get the impression that the rest of the house is equally messy. When fixing (or replacing the front door), you need to pay attention to the safety so your tenants will feel secure while living at your place. So, choose the door that is heavy, but also easy to open and close. You can paint them as you like, but make sure to carefully choose the color and prep the door beforehand. Additionally, you can make your own house number, and feel free to customize your own doorbell and door knobs. 

Greener is better

Greenery implements the place and makes it more lively. Yet, if your place is in an urban area, the lack of the backyard doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate your rental with some elegant greens. Many places all over the world, such as Sydney in Australia have large urban areas with apartments that nowadays have their balconies redecorated into small green oases. This is best seen in Paddington, a central area of Sydney, which now looks very trendy and hip, thanks to smart renovation practices and adding a lot of greenery. Many local residents are happy with the results they got using only tools and supplies from Paddington hardware store, as they often came up with smart DIY ways to renovate their homes and make them more attractive for future tenants. So, if you’re planning to uplift your rental, greenery should be an important focus of your decoration choices.

Fix everything that’s wrong

Decorating and painting are fine, but that can’t be of no use if you have leaky pipes and faulty windows. These things can greatly determine the value of your place, so before you start with the cosmetic makeovers, always make sure that everything else is in top order. Your tenants don’t want to deal with fixing things in your own home, even if you’re paying for it. Therefore, it’s always more advisable to deal with these issues before you let tenants in. 

Always remember that investing in repairs can make your home more valuable which will increase its rental price.

Focus on the walkway/driveway

When it comes to outdoor makeover, you should definitely focus on designing the walkway or driveway. There are many concrete blocks or stones that can be used to create a unique and gorgeous walkway. The safest way to do it is to use bigger blocks of the same color, but if you feel creative, you can mix various shapes and colors, for a more artistic effect. For those who prefer the minimalist design, adding some simple pavers will do the job, while those who are into laid back outdoor look will be happy with adding some larger blocks and leaving some grass between them. Just keep in mind to keep the walkway practical, as they’re supposed to be used regularly. 

Uplifting your rental from the outside doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to do it efficiently. Also, always ensure to do everything on time, while the weather is nice, so everything will be ready for winter. Finally, if you aren’t crafty enough, you can hire a landscape designer who’ll do everything as you prefer, but always make sure to be specific with your instructions so you will end up with the best results.