Tips For Using Social Media to Rent Out Your Property

If your marketing strategy includes just a “for rent” sign on the street corner, you are way behind your competitors, and you need to take your marketing online. 

Yes, property management business can be a competitive business! And, if you want to stand out among your competitors, you need to be engaging with your tenants. 

Well, what’s better than social media? Especially when renters have a lot of questions that you need to answer.

Social media is a powerful tool to build your property’s brand recognition to attract new tenants. From Facebook and Twitter to Google+ and LinkedIn, these networks will serve as funnels to drive traffic to your site. 

So, check out these top 5 ways to use social media to rent out your property. 

Content Is King

Before posting on social media, you must have things to share. Relevant and engaging social media graphics, graphs, videos, and articles are excellent ways that you can interest tenants and share knowledge. And, starting a blog is a great way to do this.

Blogging drives a tremendous amount of traffic to your site. You can create a blog populated with things to do in your area and human interest stories about newsworthy events and entertainment venues. Sell your place well by making use of specific examples. It could be a nearby theatre, an amazing night club to chill at or even a cloud kitchen that sends food right to your doorstep. Understand the USPs of your area and make sure to include them in your pitch. Keep your content useful and informative to pique the interest of your prospective tenant(s). Keep your content useful and informative. 

Your goal should be to start a conversation, so when it comes to renting, you’ll already be a familiar name. Though persuasive marketing and informative marketing are different, combining both in blogging can be advantageous. 

Engage With Groups On Social Media  

This is perhaps the best way to connect with people. Once you’re in a LinkedIn or Facebook group, you can message the members for free.  

On these social platforms, there are many real estate groups with thousands of members. And, these are people who are interested in the topic. 

However, don’t message them and go straight for sale. Try to build a relationship with them instead. Drop them a casual message, but make sure you follow up. Don’t make the mistake of messaging them once and then never talk to them again. 

The Right Hashtags 

Following social media posts will help you understand what renters are looking for. Tagging can help people find new content from people they haven’t met and connected with before. For instance, if you want to see discussions on your favorite TV show, you will look up for the corresponding tag. 

The best way to use tagging is to create a connection with local landmarks and venues you want to reference when marketing your home. You can tag community parks, neighborhood schools, and local restaurants to get attention from people who are already interested and involved in your community. Also, there are many real estate advertising ideas online that you could take help from.       

Pin A Gallery Of Photos 

If you have a beautiful view or stunning kitchen, make sure your listing showcases it. Get high-quality images of these selling points and let them do the talking. Sharing captivating photos on social platforms will instantly draw people in and encourage them to click on your rental listing. Don’t forget to include your logo in your images so they’re on brand. (If you don’t already have a logo, Design hill has a nifty logo maker tool to help you!)

Further, several platforms allow you to “pin” a recent post and essentially keep it to the top of your feed to share with everyone who comes along. You can start with your stunning outdoor shot and include a few of your best interior photos.  

You can also include a simple caption saying your home is currently available for rent and how to contact you. 

People flock to Pinterest to get their design inspirations, so it’s one of the best ways to showcase your listing — here are some creative Pinterest marketing ideas to get you started.

Actively Respond To Inquiries 

Finally, make sure to check and answer every message you get on every channel. This is a great way to connect with potential tenants. 

Try to be humble and give a polite answer to every query you get and have a quick way to send a copy of your application via email or text. Also, provide links to photo galleries and send next step to people as modestly as possible.   

Encouraging residents to contact you via social media is also a great way to deal with minor issues. For example, you can ask the residents to snap a photo and report a sidewalk that needs to be shoveled.  

Wrapping It Up 

Even though building a dynamic social media presence takes both time and effort, it is well worth the investment. Also, it is important you have a clearly-defined social media strategy before you start your social media journey. 

Connecting with social influencers is the most effective communication strategy, but it cannot happen in a day. So, start by taking baby steps and don’t try to launch a dozen social sites at the same time. Start with blogging, Facebook, and Twitter, and then think about moving to high-end platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.