What to Know About Home Depot Truck Rentals

Are you considering renting a Home Depot moving truck rather than using professional movers? When your moving day approaches, you will be faced with a crucial decision.  Quite often, moving from one apartment to another includes more items to take away than you might have estimated.

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Even if you don’t keep much of the stuff from your old home, you will realize that things to keep seem to pile up just on the verge of moving.

Most of the time you’ll need a big vehicle to transport everything. Plus, there is the time coordination matter. It would be best to have a reliable truck renting company to ease this already stressful step in your life. So, is Home Depot Truck Rental service the solution for your moving day?

We will take a comprehensive look at all the details you need to know about Home Depot Rent a Truck option. Let’s take a deep dive into what you need to know so your move into a new apartment will be a super smooth one.

Advantages of Home Depot Truck Rentals

Home Depot might not be the first place you can think of to rent a truck when you need to move. However, Home Depot being all about home improvement, construction, and other home items, a helping hand during your moving is just a natural connected service.

Whereas simply hiring a mover service will cost you no less than $1000, Home Depot provides a truck that is gentle on your wallet.

Here are some excellent Home Depot truck rental features:

  • The rental trucks are all new models.
  • The range of vehicles to choose from is wide, which lets you choose the exact truck/van size that suits your specific needs. Thus you don’t pay extra if you don’t need to.
  • You can rent one truck on the same day. There is no need to book one in advance, though you can also do that.
  • The customer service is excellent. You will find prompt service from an employee ready to assist you with rentals in every Home Depot store.
  • Home Depot has convenient business hours to be able to rent a truck when you need to.

Home Depot Rent a Truck is a very competitive service in the moving services market, and many say it is the best option due to price and versatility.

Do You Qualify to Rent a Home Depot Truck?

Are there requirements you need to fulfill to use this service? Don’t worry. The only limitations of a Home Depot truck rental are only connected to your age. You need to be at least 21 to rent one of their vehicles.

There is also the requirement to have a driver’s license issued in the US or Canada. Last but not least, you will be required to deposit $50 as a guarantee for the vehicle rental.

You might be surprised by these minimal conditions. It is as easy as that. These terms of renting a Home Depot truck are super simple for anyone that needs to move.

Truck Types Available

Home Depot Rentals is taking into consideration all of their customers’ needs. From purchasing several home décor items that you need to bring home or moving your entire furniture to a new place, they have the right vehicle.

These are the categories you can choose from:

  • Flatbed Pickups – the price for renting is very affordable. There is enough space here for your appliances, home equipment, some smaller furniture items. All these can safely travel under the open air.
  • Cargo Vans – this is a bigger rental vehicle, yet still versatile to move around the city. There is enough space to move your items up to 3,000 pounds. You can fit in the furniture and other possessions that fit in a studio or a small apartment. They are recommendable if you want to make a fast, quick move on short distances. This means you move somewhere else within the same city or neighborhood.
  • Box Trucks – now we’re talking about the heavy artillery. These trucks allow you to move several rooms –homes, entirely if needed. The total space is around 515 cubic feet. They are the perfect solution if you move long distances or put all your belongings in storage. The even best part is that they also come with a handy dolly for loading and unloading your stuff. In this category, you can also choose among several truck sizes.

Rental Fees For Home Depot Trucks

As we told you before, probably the most appealing Home Depot Truck Rentals trait is the price for renting their vehicles. There is a continuous availability for renting trucks, and you have the option to ask for their services based on an hourly, daily, and weekly fee. This is another particularity of Home Depot’s service compared to its competitors, which usually go for a basic whole day fee. This means that if you only need the vehicle for a couple of hours, you won’t waste any money.

The rental for pickup and vans starts with the basic fee of $ 19.95 for 75 minutes. Then, for 2.5 hours, you will pay $39.95, and for a whole day, you will pay $99.

The box trucks start at $29.99. Then it goes up proportionally to their sizes.

We need to add the fact that you won’t get any additional hidden fees. You should end up paying what you expect with minimal hassle.

Terms of Home Depot Truck Rental

Here are some rules of renting a Home Depot truck you need to keep in mind before renting.

  • You will pay only by credit card. Home depot does not accept cash nor gift cards.
  • You will be asked for a guarantee deposit, amounting to $50 or $100, according to the truck size.
  • You are required to bring back the rented truck with a full tank.
  • You will bring back the truck to the same Home Depot store that lent it.

Moving With Ease

As you can see, Home Depot Rent a Truck imagined a service that will highly ease your moving day. You don’t need to wait for another company’s employees. You will do it yourself with a truck of your own choice.

If the rental period you decided at the beginning proves to be not enough, you can also rent for a bit more, maybe even to extend it by just one hour. Then you can be sure that you will receive from Home Depot a very new truck, kept under excellent conditions.

Hopefully, you have found our info on renting a Home Depot truck to be useful.