Renting a Moving Truck: What You Need to Know

Are you considering renting a moving truck and doing the move yourself? When choosing to rent a moving truck to help with your DIY move, there are many things to consider. You are putting all the stuff you own in the back of the truck, so you need to make sure your things are protected.

Truck rentals can be expensive, so you need to consider your requirements and compare your options. It will be crucial to work with one of the best moving truck rental companies and not some fly-by-night firm you saw in an advertisement on a telephone pole.

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Let’s take a look at the things you need to know to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Getting Quotes for Moving Truck Rentals

It would be best to get at least 3 quotes from moving truck rental companies before deciding which is right for you. To make sure you get accurate quotes, you need to be clear on your move’s details.

What Are The Rental Dates

When do you need the truck rental, and when do you plan to return it? If you have some flexibility in the dates, perhaps by only a few days, you might be able to save more on your rental truck. Midweek rentals tend to be cheaper than the weekend, so that could keep your costs down.

What to Know About Mileage

The distance you need to take your possessions will affect the cost of truck rentals. You can use Google Maps to get the exact distance of your journey to make sure your quote is accurate. The truck rental company may charge for each mile you drive, which will make a big difference to your costs.

If you are only making a local move, it may be smarter to rent a Home Depot truck as they will only be charging you for the time you use the vehicle and not for the mileage. Their pricing is ultra-competitive and great for short-distance moves.

What Size of Truck Do You Need?

So that you don’t spend more than you need to, you should take an inventory of your stuff. Going through your home and creating a list will give you a more accurate understanding of how large a moving truck you need.

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The truck rental company might have a size calculator that can help you choose the right size truck.

Moving With Your Car

Are you planning to tow your car behind the moving truck or have the vehicle shipped? If you aren’t going to be driving the car, you should plan ahead. Some rental companies will offer a car carrier or dolly that will save you on shipping.

Staying Within Your Budget

Renting a truck will be expensive, particularly for long-distance moves, so you need to have an idea of how much you have to spend. You could spend as much as $3,000 when you rent a moving truck, so having a budget is important. When moving for the first time, mistakes are easily made.

What isn’t Included in Your Quote?

While you might get a competitive quote from a rental company, you need to be aware of what isn’t included. The insurance might not be mentioned in the quote, and things like gas and tolls will be costs you’ll have to pay for on top of the rental.

Make sure you find out about any extra fees that will be due or mileage costs so that you can accurately compare rental truck deals.

Comparing Moving Truck Rental Deals

To find a great rental company in your area, you can ask for recommendations from friends, check with the Better Business Bureau, and check their websites. Make a shortlist of companies. Check customer feedback online so that you know they are reliable. Then when you have at least 3 that look good, you can get quotes from them.

Pay attention to the fees due, including any payments you will need to make upfront. Make sure you are comparing the same size trucks, and look at the daily rates as well as the cost per mile. Check that they have the availability that you need as well.

If you are unclear on anything, write down questions to ask a representative. Find out about the insurance they offer, along with pick-up and drop-off locations.

If you need any extra equipment, like dollies or strapping, check their prices. Don’t forget to ask about discounts, many companies offer them, or check online to find any available.

When you have all this information, you should be able to judge which company offers the best truck rental for your needs.

Rental Truck Insurance

Likely, your car insurance won’t offer enough coverage to protect you when renting a truck. You will need insurance to cover damage to the truck, your stuff, and more. There are different types of insurance to choose from:

Personal accident insurance – covers you and your passengers if injured in an accident.

Limited damage waiver – this is for theft or damage to the truck. It can also cover towing equipment as long as you follow the terms of the rental agreement.

Cargo insurance – if you want to make sure your possessions are protected against damage or loss when being transported or while in the parked truck, cargo insurance is normally available.

Supplemental liability – protects you against a third party claiming injury or damage.

Towing insurance – if you are towing your car or a trailer, this covers you in the event of a crash.

Planning Your Move

Preparing for your move should help you avoid problems. If you plan, you’ll avoid a lot of stress and extra charges.

While your truck may have a GPS, or you are going to use your smartphone, things can go wrong. Make sure you have your charger with you, or you could bring a paper map and plan your journey on that.

If you aren’t used to driving a large truck, do some practice first and familiarize yourself with the controls before you begin your journey. You will need to make wider turns and start braking sooner than you would in a car. It would help if you also remembered the truck is wider and higher, so be careful of low bridges.

It would help if you were careful about how you pack the truck. Place the heavier items, like appliances, towards the front and in the center of the truck. This should avoid having too much weight on one side of the truck and risking it being unstable in turns.

Do you need a permit to park outside your home in a truck? Some cities require it, so make sure you check in plenty of time before moving day.

Don’t forget about refilling the gas tank before you drop-off the truck. If you don’t do this, you will have to pay a fee.

Closing Thoughts on Renting a Moving Truck

If you follow the above points, your DIY move should be less stressful. You should also save some money on moving truck rentals. Please don’t leave this to the last minute. Book your truck 4 to 6 weeks before you need it, so you get the dates you want.

Hopefully, you have found this guide to renting a moving truck to be useful.