12 Most Desired Amenities In Luxury Apartment Communities

Quality tenants are looking for quality apartments and communities that serve their wants and needs. With the competition fierce among developers for the best tenants (not troublesome ones), top-notch amenities are a significant attraction for professionals of all ages looking to live the good life.

The purpose of any amenity is to provide something useful, convenient, or entertaining to residents. It could be an on-site coffee shop or smart home devices in each unit. When planning your luxury apartment community, consider including some or all of these popular amenities.

Electric car charging stations 

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are a growing demand among many residents of luxury apartment communities. Newer residents have been purchasing electric vehicles in higher numbers thanks to their environmental and economic appeal. Having charging stations available sends the message that your community is forward-thinking and environmentally responsible. Also note that, depending on the state, tax credits are offered to those who install EV chargers. 


Areas of greenery—trees, shrubs, open grass—are important to residents of all ages and backgrounds. Even more so in urban areas where more significant green space is at a premium. Pleasantly landscaped areas with comfortable benches or other gathering areas make a great attraction and a welcome setting for residents looking to relax or socialize. Even in less urban areas, a thoughtfully designed outdoor space becomes a great place for residents to unwind on weekends after a long week of work.

Full fitness amenities

Small, stuffy rooms with a few treadmills and a rowing machine just won’t cut it any longer when it comes to luxury apartment fitness centers. While a range of modern exercise equipment is essential, residents are also seeking additional value in the form of yoga studios, spinning and fitness classes, and other wellness programs presented by qualified professionals. 

Lap and lounging pools

Not all fitness-minded residents are going to be satisfied with standard indoor exercise equipment. Many will want space to stretch their limbs and get good cardio. For this reason, lap pools have become popular with many apartment-dwelling young professionals, while the more relaxed amenity of lounging pools hold an attraction for those residents looking to relax either by themselves or with their families or friends. Having both pool options only increases the appeal, and if some could be available year-round, you could genuinely set yourself apart.

Recreational sport facilities

No one is suggesting you cram a football field or Olympic-sized track into your luxury apartment community. That said, there is a considerable added value to a community that includes a basketball and tennis court or two. Not only does it allow residents and their guests’ opportunities for exercise and recreation, but it sends a message to the community as a whole that fitness and athletics are things you value.  

Dedicated lounge or game room 

Sometimes residents want to get out of their apartments and enjoy a change of scenery, but time or weather may not always make it convenient. For that reason, it’s essential to have a cozy, welcoming lounge area outfitted with welcoming amenities such as games, television, newspapers, and comfortable seating. Additional features such as a pool table and lending library would also add that extra touch to show residents that luxury apartment living is a step or two above typical residential communities. A comfortable, sizable lounge could also allow tenants to entertain guests occasionally.

Facilities for pets

It should go without saying that if you’re planning to ignore pet owners, then you’re going to be excluding a large number of paying residents and you may find yourself struggling to fill units. That said, for a luxury apartment community, you’re going to want to offer a bit more than merely allowing four-legged friends. At a minimum, there should be regularly-spaced facilities provided for pet owners to take care of leavings. Also, a well-maintained dog park will add a considerable amount of luster to your reputation as a community that welcomes pets and their owners.

Community-wide high-speed Wi-Fi

It’s not enough to have wi-fi available for individual units. You need to have reliable high-speed internet available throughout the entire building complex. Residents will want to connect in all sorts of places from the fitness center to the lounge to any coworking spaces you have available. 

Dedicated coworking spaces

Whether you have tenants are working in a freelance capacity, or they’re the sort to bring work home to a home office, having dedicated coworking spaces are becoming more popular with the young professionals who are redefining the workplace. Community areas featuring wi-fi, working printers and copiers, and meeting areas are a popular perk. It also helps to have additional amenities such as a coffee and snack bar on hand to keep your working tenants fueled and happy.

Luxury in-unit features

Many of the options listed here discuss amenities situated outside the individual residential unit. As necessary to residents are the luxuries offered within each unit. These would include such things as full in-unit laundry facilities, walk-in closets, high-end kitchen appliances, hardwood floors, and outdoor terraces. The entire apartment-living experience should be one of comfort and luxury residents can feel proud about being a part of. 

Smart home features 

If you’ve been paying attention at all to real estate trends, you’ll know that smart homes are rising in popularity to the point where they’ll eventually become a standard requirement for new homes—especially in luxury apartment communities. The Internet-of-Things movement is about more than convenience or gadgetry. Smart home devices can cut down on energy consumption as computer-regulated temperature controls add up to real savings over time. Additional smart home features, such as lighting controls and smart locks, contribute to the overall appeal of the luxury apartment living experience. 

On-site retail space

Want to set your high-end apartment community apart from the rest? Consider what retail services you could offer. A coffee shop on the ground floor for residents to stop by on their way to and from work or for lazy weekends would be a nice feature. Depending on space available, you could also offer a small grocery store or hair salon. How about a news kiosk or bookstore? You don’t even have to install a business to add a unique appeal for residents. A community movie theater or screening room makes for a simple but meaningful addition.

Hopefully, these listed amenities will inspire you to consider what perks and benefits you could offer the residents of your luxury apartment community. The more value you provide, the more value you will see returning in the form of appreciative, quality residents, and maximum occupancy.