Basic Tips to Attract Younger Renters in 2020

Did you know more U.S. households are currently renting than at any point in the last five decades?

It’s easy to see why renting is becoming a preferred option among an increasing number of people. The flexibility it offers is unparalleled, it’s cost-friendly, and renters don’t worry about maintenance and repair costs.

Renting is especially popular among millennials.

As a landlord, you want your rental apartments to be fully occupied all-year-round. This means marketing them to the younger renters. This also means being creative with your marketing strategy.

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Continue reading below for apartment marketing ideas that’ll enable you to attract your target renters. And keep in mind, no matter how well your marketing strategy is working, you should always work hard to keep your finger on the pulse of the up and coming marketing strategies and tactics that might help you beat the competition when it comes to marketing your next property or apartment unit. 

Embrace Social Media Marketing

Not so long ago, landlords would advertise their rental properties in local newspapers and magazines. The strategy worked; until it didn’t.

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Today, you’ll be washing your money down the drain if you place apartment ads on newspapers and magazines. The people who read these aren’t the renters you’re targeting. Print newspapers are largely read by Gen Xers and Boomers, the vast majority of whom are homeowners already.

To reach younger renters, embrace social media marketing. And not just any social media site will work for you. Instagram and Pinterest should be your go-to.

Take cool photos of your apartment units and post them on Instagram. You can also use the same photos to create Pinterest pins.

Build a Website for Your Apartment Establishment

Back in the day, prospective renters would drive around a neighborhood looking for an apartment to rent. This still happens today, but you would be wasting time if you expect young renters to find your apartment this way.

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The modern tenant starts their apartment search online. They will only hit the road when its time to view a certain unit and meet a landlord or their agent.

Can your apartments be found online?

If no, it’s time to build a search engine-friendly website for your establishment. This way, when prospective renters will go online searching for apartments in your location, your website is likely to show up in the search engine results.

Tell the Story of Your Establishment With a Blog

Creating a blog and updating it with fresh content is an effective way to give your website a boost, but it also does more than that.

Blogging enables you to tell the story of your apartments and share tips and insights that might be helpful to your renters.

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Consider this; a prospective renter is browsing the web, looking for ways to decorate a studio apartment. At this point, they aren’t actively looking for an apartment yet; just gathering décor ideas for their future house.

The prospective renter lands on your blog (because you’re the landlord or property manager who blogs), and reads through your post on the décor ideas for small apartments.

At the end of the post, they read your call to action, which invites them to check out your apartments. What’s the likelihood that this person will indeed check out your rentals? It might be pretty good, huh?

That’s how blogging will help you attract young renters.

Implement These Apartment Marketing Ideas

Just because renting is on the rise doesn’t necessarily mean your rentals will find the renters you want. You have to deploy the right apartment marketing ideas; otherwise, you’ll either get the wrong tenants or your rentals will stay vacant for a long time.

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