Rentable’s Tournament of Rents: Championship Edition

Ok, so we went 1 for 2.

Last week, Rentable introduced you to Basketball Lunacy: The Remaining Quartet (so-named to avoid the NCAA’s lawyers.) We predicted the outcomes of this past weekend’s Final Four games, based on median one-bedroom rents in each of the participating university’s home towns: Columbia, Chapel Hill, Eugene, and Spokane.

Gonzaga did us proud, knocking off the South Carolina Gamecocks 77-73. But the plucky Oregon Ducks couldn’t hold on — or grab a rebound — against the Tar Heels, and lost by one point.

So what? The Ducks can hold their beaks high. Rent in Eugene is still only $716 a month.

Ahead of tonight’s national championship game between Gonzaga and UNC, we’ll be pitting rents in Spokane against those in Chapel Hill.

Welcome to Basketball Lunacy: The Final Duo.

National Championship

Gonzaga (Spokane) vs. UNC (Chapel Hill)

The Tar Heels have looked unstoppable lately. You know what else is unstoppable? Rising rents in Chapel Hill. The median cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Tar Heel Country is $1,180 per month. That’s almost twice as much as a one-bedroom in Spokane. And though we doubt the spread on the scoreboard will be nearly so dramatic, we’re still picking the Bulldogs to win it all.

Winner: Gonzaga