How To Spend The First Night In Your New Place

You’ve found a great apartment, and you’re officially moving into a new place — you’re happier than ever. Looking for a new place to live was difficult and time-consuming, and now you get to sit back and enjoy yourself in a new pad.

However, you’re not quite done yet. You need to figure out how you’re going to spend the first night in your new home.

It’s a pretty important step that can’t be neglected. Here are some of the crucial things you should consider for the first night.

Document the place

If you’ve just moved into your new rental, it’s important that you document what the place is like and ask questions. Every tenant gives their landlord a deposit and it’s probably a sum that is worth getting back eventually.

You shouldn’t assume that the landlord is the type of person to withhold this money based on falsehoods and accusations, but you never know. You should always document everything to be on the safe side.

Photographic evidence is all you really need.

Take some photos of the whole place, and make sure you get every single nook and cranny on camera. If taking photographs feels like a drag or you end up with blurry results, you could always try videotaping the place. It’s a lot easier and quicker, plus you get to do it all in a couple of shots. 

Get it spotless

Homes are usually clean by the time you get to move in. Previous owners and landlords will often have them thoroughly cleaned to make way for new homeowners.

However, it’s hard to get every single detail right when cleaning a home. You’ll still encounter the occasional blemish or stain that might not have fully gone away.

This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of these stains.

What better way to mark your moving in than to make the place look even better? It’s going to immediately put you in the habit of keeping the place clean. It’s hard to start treating your new home as your own when there are still marks of previous owners. 

Start with the places that you won’t be seeing often.

You probably won’t be moving most of the furniture once it’s in place. Beds, cupboards, and large tables are very likely going to stand in the same spot for months or even years. It would be smart to clean up the areas where they’re going to be placed

Unpack essentials

Spending a night in your new home isn’t going to be comfortable if you don’t have some essentials with you. What happens when you’re done celebrating and you need to brush your teeth before going to sleep?

You’re not going to be digging through bags and luggage to find a simple brush and some toothpaste. More importantly, you need to unpack your shower essentials. You don’t want to feel dirty and unkempt the first night at your new home.

This is why it’s important to keep all of your essentials in an easy to reach the bag. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing anything important for your first night.

Before you move out of your old place, make sure you pack some things that you generally use on a daily basis. 

Have an unpacking party

If you’re the sociable type, you might want to have guests over for your first day at the new place.

It’s a joyous occasion, after all! You might not have much in terms of furniture or entertainment to offer the first day, but there’s something charming about inviting people over when everything is still new and bare. 

You can crack a few beers and discuss your plans for decorating the home. Have a couple of wholesome discussions while you play cards.

If your friends are feeling particularly generous, they can even help you unpack. Turn this chore into a fun group activity while you talk to each other. It’s going to make your moving in even more memorable.

Treat yourself

Moving into a new place is never easy.

You have to move all your furniture and belongings from one part of the city to another one. If you’re moving farther away, you have to take them across the state or country borders. It’s a logistical nightmare. Not to mention, you have to spend a lot of money to get this done in a reasonable amount of time. 

The stress of moving can really bring people down. This is why it’s important to treat your first day as a celebration. Pour yourself a drink, put on some music, and enjoy the atmosphere. What better way to celebrate your new address than treating yourself with chocolate hamper delivery.

Enjoy your new place with some delicious treats and mark the first day in your new home as something worth remembering. 

Set the mood

You might as well make the night even more memorable. After all, you only get your first night in a home once! Make it special by setting the mood and adding some comfy details.

A lot of people like to light scented candles when they relax. You get some natural light and gorgeous scents to compliment your night, so why not try it out? It never hurts to create a comfy ambiance.

There are very few things you can do in your home before you get your stuff inside. However, you can always watch a movie or TV show. If you brought your laptop or tablet with you, go ahead and use that cozy atmosphere to enjoy a carefree night in your new home. 

Wrapping it up

The first night in your home can’t be a bit stressful. You have no idea what to expect and there isn’t much to do in terms of fun. Not to mention, you don’t have your regular furniture available for extra comfort.

However, you can easily turn this around and make your first day and night into a very memorable experience. Consider some of these ideas for your first night and you’re going to remember it for a long while.