3 Key Tips To Work Better With Your Movers

Moving can be a very exciting experience — it offers the chance to start fresh in a new apartment or neighborhood.

Less exciting, however, is the actual process of moving your belongings to a new place. Even after hiring professional help to ease the potential headaches, you may still find yourself encountering hassles. Some dismayed customers are left wondering – was hiring movers even worth it?

It almost always is; working with professional movers and forgoing a “DIY” approach can ensure a smooth and orderly transition to your new home. By taking a few simple steps in advance to make the process as smooth as possible, you can move to your new pad in record time and get back to doing the things you really enjoy – like decorating your new home! (As well as the not-so-fun parts, like waiting around for the cable guy.)

Over the years, we have seen it all. By now, we can quickly recognize the signs of a well-prepared move. Consider a few proactive steps to make your next move a painless experience – steps that can save you on time, money, and stress.

Get Organized

The day of the move is not the day to begin labelling your boxes and categorizing what crates are headed to the kitchen. Give yourself a buffer of a few days in advance to begin organizing all of your possessions. The more legwork that you do before your movers arrive, the faster they can do the job you’ve paid them to do. If you have clearly labelled where each box is headed, you can spare yourself from needing to direct traffic throughout your apartment – an important consideration if you are paying your movers per the hour.

Some companies, like Chicago Green Box, will even provide durable and easily identifiable boxes in advance. Be sure to also clearly label them if they are fragile to avoid damaging any valuable tech or priceless heirlooms. You can also get ahead of the game by informing your movers in advance if they will be working with especially heavy items – nobody wants to be surprised to learn they need to add additional crew members to get that piano down five flights.

Stay In Your Lane

It is natural to want to pitch in when it comes to moving your life. Rather than trying to micromanage the process and potentially create greater confusion, strive to give your movers the number one thing they need for a smooth move – easy access. The greatest value you can contribute is clearly communicating all vital information on accessing your place – letting them know where they can park, how they can access your apartment or condo, and relaying any time constraints to be aware of. (At the same time, don’t let your guard down when it comes to security; be aware of any potential security concerns when movers are coming and going to your new residence. Services like The Professional Locksmith in the Chicago area will help ensure that your new apartment is as secure and safe as possible when you move.)

You may disagree with your movers on some parts of their approach – should they really move the couch before the television? Resist the urge to tell them how to do their work. The best thing to do is recognize that they are the experts – they have done this before and they are trained to execute the job. Stay out of their way and you can save on stress all around.

Stick To The Schedule

This one is key. Time is money, especially in the moving business. Make sure that you are fully prepared and packed before your movers arrive – and don’t “ghost” them during the move. They may have questions or need you to grant access to them depending on security at your building or neighborhood. Mentally block out the entire time frame you have agreed on to be available for your movers. By sticking to the schedule, you can make your move as painless as possible.

It also doesn’t hurt to keep some snacks on hand. Hey, you can work up an appetite lugging an armoire around all day!

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be enjoying your new digs in no time.