Why Renters Should Get A Home Security System

Long gone are the days of invasive installation with wires running through the house. Today’s home security systems are mostly wireless and more renter-friendly than ever before.

You can easily install these systems yourself and take them with you when you move, leaving no damage to the property.

The majority of sensors and equipment are peel and stick, so if you can operate a sticker, you can install a security system. Common equipment configurations for rentals include door/window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors and cameras. 

Home Automation Is An Option Too

Some of you may be intrigued by the idea of home automation equipment, which many home security companies offer. Some home automation equipment can be more “permanent” than the sensors we mentioned above. Smart door locks and video doorbells are excellent home security devices, but you’ll want to get approval from your landlord for this type of equipment before installation since it could result in the next tenant being required to use it, or the landlord may need to replace the equipment with standard non-automated devices (regular door locks and doorbells).

Get A Discount On Renters Insurance

A home security system can scare off intruders, alert authorities if your home is broken into and save you money on renters insurance. Additional things you can do to save your money on renters insurance is to talk to your landlord about replacing locks and hinges on the doors and upgrading the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

Share Codes With Your Landlord

We suggest sharing the necessary code needed for emergency access with your landlord. That way, if there is a maintenance issue or something else that needs to be addressed immediately, the authorities are not dispatched accidentally. If you and the landlord agree on home automation equipment, you’ll want to make sure your landlord has access to any door locks as well.

Landlords Providing Security Systems For You

Some landlords will take the extra step and provide a security system for a rental property. This is becoming a more popular practice in high-end rentals where the tenant base expects their property to include smart locks and other home automation features. If a security system is provided in your rental, expect to be charged for equipment and monthly monitoring fees.”

Renters Insurance Doesn’t Scare Off Intruders

Studies show that alarm systems do prevent burglaries. Visible cameras and home security signs on your rental property can decrease the likelihood of a break-in. This is a win-win, you will feel safer, and the rental property is better protected.

This guest post is co-authored by Jeff Butler and Kimberly Alt, contributors at SafeSmartLiving.com. Jeff has 6 years of experience as a landlord and 7 years in the home security field. Kimberly has used home security systems in rentals and has been researching and writing about home security since 2013.