Landlord 101: Tenant Security & Why It Comes First

If you have a chance to become a landlord, you are lucky. This branch or real estate is known to be the most profitable one. Yet, a lot of challenges confront you during your journey to business success. 

Of course, there are thousands of articles online for starting entrepreneurs who decided to enter the real estate business by working with apartments and houses for rent. Hundreds of tips are shared on how to choose tenants, set up online payment and pay taxes. But no one tells you how to make your property safe and comfortable for your customers. 

Hundreds of dangers may harm your property without even your tenants’ fault. And you, as an owner can secure it by making smart decisions and protecting your clients and your estate from them. 

Among such issues are robberies, floods, and fires. Today, we will tell you more about smart and cost-effective solutions you may use to get ready and prevent these accidents. 

Anti-theft security: security cameras and alarm systems

In the world of IoT, security cameras have become even more affordable for everyone. Compact cameras can be installed anywhere throughout your property and send a real-time detail to your device. Moreover, it is now easy to set up a server (a network video recorder, or “NVR) which will store all your recordings without the use of external storage media at the camera.

Remember, how hard it was to maintain the security system with VHS tapes and CDs? Now it is possible to store information on an external server (NVR)and get instant access to the video no matter where you are now. 

It is possible to provide access to your tenants to their doorbell camera. So that, they can track it via their mobile device and report if they notice something suspicious at their front door. There are a lot of solutions which are compatible with smartphones and tablets allowing you to check who and when visited the property. 

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Additionally, you may consider installing certified alarm systems, so your clients can sleep safely while the system does the rest. 

Small security devices: smart locks

Another way to make your property comfortable for your tenants is to install smart lock devices. Right now, they are not too expensive and don’t need much investment. Smart locks create extra comfort since you don’t need to use a key. Moreover, a lot of devices are easy to control via smartphone or tablet. 

Smart locks enhance the security of your property and make it easy to monitor who access and when the access a rented apartment or a house. 

Automatic water and stove shut off devices

Electric and gas stove shut off device

Fire is the most dangerous and damaging thing for real estate owners. It destroys everything if uncontrolled. Moreover, it is damaging to your property; that’s why you need to prevent it. Of course, you might already have a fire alarm, sprinklers installed throughout your property, yet, all these measures won’t save your interior from harmful effects of fire and water.  

But sometimes it is possible to prevent a fire which just started without all these devices. As you know, stoves are among the top reasons for house fires and having a device which turns it off can be the right choice for a landlord. 

If you love US manufactured devices and would like to get one which has warranties, you should check FireAvert electric or gas automatic shutoff device. This device has been developed by firefighters and saved a lot of homes from such a terrible accident. 

Leak detectors and the way to prevent water damage

Water can terribly damage furniture, walls, floor, cellar, and appliances. Leaks can happen anywhere throughout the property, and you won’t even know about them until it is too late.   

Flo Leak detection system and main water shut off can save your property from this disease. The device runs thousands of test every day to make sure that the plumbing network of your home or apartment is okay, and in case of failure, it shuts off the water to prevent catastrophe.

The primary benefit of the system as it can be managed via smartphone and you can get all the details on what has happened with your plumbing network. 

As you see, there are a lot of devices you can use for your property to secure it from no-fault accidents. Moreover, some of these devices and systems allow you to reduce your insurance payments. And of course, your tenants will be thankful for your commitment into their security.