Supporting Our Employees, Supporting Our World

Like many others, we at Rentable are concerned about recent events and political tensions in our country. Some of these actions go against our core values as a company: equality, inclusivity, and transparency.

But we’ve been reminded of the unique opportunity we have as a company to not only be observers of the world around us, but active participants in shaping it. That’s why, effective immediately, Rentable will now match employee charity giving. And for the month of February, I’ll double it.

There will never be any shortage of need in our world; there will always be fights worth fighting. We’re inspired by our employees’ passionate engagement with the world. Our hope is that this initiative helps our employees support the causes they consider to be most crucial, and encourages other companies and individuals to make the world a more just and equitable place.

Alec Slocum
CEO, Rentable