How to Make a Small Bedroom a Main Selling Point

Renting out a space always comes with its fair share of challenges and stresses, especially as every house and apartment have their own shortcomings. It’s difficult to make a space highly attractive yet priced in a way that will work both for you and the renter, so there will often have to be some compromise. 

Or, perhaps some clever improvements might do the trick. 

For instance, the apartment you’re renting out might have a small bedroom. With the help of a couple of tweaks, you can turn this apparent liability into an asset. Let’s learn how. 

Don’t Overcrowd It 

For starters, don’t cram any excess furniture in the small bedroom. A bed, some nightstands, and some sort of storage solution are all you truly need. There’s no need for electronics on the wall or on a shelf. There’s also no need for an additional seating area or too much decor. 

What you can do is ensure the pieces you have in there are of great quality. This is especially true of the mattress. Providing the best memory foam mattress available will ensure a comfy night’s sleep for your renters, which they will appreciate more than the extra space. 

As for the storage area, floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a great solution for small spaces, as is storage under the bed. You can also go the extra mile and provide different kinds of hangers, drawer dividers, and similar accessories that will help make the space more functional. 

Provide Storage Hacks

While we’re on the subject of storage, there are other things you can do too. Apart from the large cabinets and storage under the bed, you can also mount the nightstands to the wall, eliminating the legs. This will give the illusion of more space, and the room will feel cleaner and less cluttered. 

You can also provide plenty of vertical storage in the form of shelves. Floating shelves are rather modern and can also provide that illusion of space you’re looking for. 

Ideally, you want your storage solutions to be removable in a pinch. That way, you can tailor your room to your tenant if the need arises. People won’t like to see empty shelves in their room, but if they can be removed before they move in, they will appreciate the personalization. 

Light It Well 

Lighting impacts a room significantly. In a bedroom, you want the lighting to be both soothing and aplenty. So, a combination of a strong (but never harsh) ceiling lamp and a more subtle lamp on the nightstand or in the corner can do the trick. 

Go for LED lights that will be both energy-efficient and strong enough to add a sense of openness to this small space. 

Make sure the lamps don’t take up too much space either. Mounting them to the wall is often the best solution, and you can use them as decorative accents. 

Make It Feel Bigger 

If you absolutely want your small bedroom to appear bigger, there are a couple of interior design tricks you can try.

For starters, there’s that old hack with the large mirror placed on the wall. The reflection will provide that illusion of space you were looking for. Plus, your renters might appreciate having a mirror when they’re getting dressed in the morning.

However, the mirror can also be a liability in a small bedroom. Not everyone will appreciate seeing themselves from every corner of the room. Not to mention it can be quite expensive.

Another trick you can try is hanging drapes close to the ceiling. Wall-length curtains or drapes that match the color of the walls will draw the eye up, but without being distracting. 

Keep It Neutral

Small spaces work best with a neutral color palette. True, you could have dark walls and light furniture. But the combination of both light furniture and light walls will give the space a more open and airy feeling. 

You can easily repaint your existing bed and storage units to a light neutral color, which doesn’t have to be white. You can go for cream or even green or brown – as long as it’s light and, you guessed it, neutral. 

An accent piece can also add a touch of sophistication to the room. A colorful accessory or an interesting headboard can go a long way in making the room feel more inviting. 

Cozy It Up 

If you are renting your apartment fully-furnished and you want to add some special touches to the place, the best thing you can do with a small bedroom is to make it as cozy as possible. 

Start with the bed. Add a throw, plenty of pillows and cushions, and even an extra throw on the very top. Try to stick to a specific pattern throughout the room. For example, an intricate geometric print can be a great solution. Keep some of the pillow covers neutral and darker than the rest of the bedding. 

Make the floor nicer to walk on as well, and ensure the carpet is in a good state. Rugs are also a great idea, especially right next to the bed. After all, that’s where the feet hit the floor first thing in the morning.

All of these extra items are a great way to give some personality to the room. They’ll draw the eye away from all the neutrals you’ve got going on on the walls and with the furniture. 

Wrap Up

Turning a small bedroom into a relaxing haven is just a matter of clever decorating and maximizing the limited space. But it still might be a dealbreaker for some of your potential renters. So, be honest about the limitations of the room and don’t just focus on selling its charm. 

The more honest you can be, the more likely your renters will fall in love with what you’ve created.