I Like People but Love my Own Space … Should I Live Alone?

You’re all set to move into your new apartment, now comes the big question – should you get a roommate or keep the place to yourself? Here’s a look at five pros and cons of living with someone versus flying solo.  

Why You Might be Better off on Your Own

Taking on a roommate comes with a few perks, but the endeavor definitely isn’t for everyone. Below we take a look at a few red flags that may mean your space is better kept your own. 

You Like Things a Specific Way

When you live alone you won’t come home to anything being displaced. The contents in the fridge will all be accounted for and exactly where you left them. The pile of papers you haven’t finished sifting through will be left untouched, and you will always know your TV settings are just as they should be. 

Privacy is Important to You

Simply put, living alone allows you more privacy. Without roommates, you can do what you want, when you want – without having to answer to anyone about it. You can leave early or come in late, and bring home company without sparking questions or judgment that you’d rather avoid.  

You Work from Home

Working from home is becoming more popular as digital tools become more available, but it can be difficult when you share your workspace. Whether you need the kitchen table to sprawl projects over or require utter peace and quiet to take calls or concentrate, having a roommate can make working from home a bit more difficult. 

You’re Sensitive to Smells or Noise

What we smell can have a huge impact on us. So much so that scientific studies have revealed that fragrances significantly modulate our brain waves – influencing how we feel and act. Some of us are more sensitive to this than others. Not knowing what perfume your roommate will wear or what food they’ll bring in is something to think over. Additionally, noise could present similar issues to consider. 

Conflict Concerns You

Having issues with conflict is a legitimate concern for people, especially since they’re bound to occur when you’re sharing your home with someone. Some people would rather just avoid it, and who blames them? Arguments over houseguests and whose turn it is to do the dishes aren’t exactly fun. For those especially sensitive to such squabbles, this is an important aspect of roommate life to contemplate.  

Why Having a Roommate Could be the Right Call

While having a roommate has its downsides, there are absolutely some real benefits to living with someone. Here’s a look at some of the perks of sharing your home.  

Money’s Tight

One of the most common reasons people decide to live with another person is the financial relief it provides. The ability to split rent and utilities is a huge advantage that means you can afford a larger or nicer place in bigger cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, etc. Other household items can also be split such as groceries, cleaning supplies and subscriptions. Just make sure to settle these arrangements beforehand.  

You Already Have Someone in Mind

Finding someone you can trust to pay their share on time, keep your space in an orderly fashion and be respectful of your needs can be a daunting task. Learning that someone you already know and trust needs a roommate can allow for an easier and safer agreement to be made. 

Additional Help Sounds Nice

Doubling the residents in your space means doubling your household skill-set. When things inevitably need fixing or solving, your odds of success are better when there’s more of you working on it. Having another pair of hands to split chores with is another plus. When the time comes that you need more muscle to lift that heavy couch, you’ll be thankful that your roommate is there.  

You Learn New Things

Living with someone else comes with endless opportunities to experience new things, ranging from new food to new conflict resolution methods. For people more prone to avoiding conflict, actually addressing the problem can produce a lot of anxiety, and it might just seem easier to avoid the problem. However, this eventually stops working and you’ll need to talk about the issue. Living with someone creates situations for practicing these problem-solving skills that can even translate into the rest of your life.

You like Having Someone to Talk to

Coming home to an empty place can be lonely, especially when you have some exciting or difficult news on your mind that you’re dying to share. Not only can living with someone ease any loneliness you may feel, but it also means you have someone there to share things with. Having a roommate gets you a second opinion when you need it, whether it’s a new outfit or the dish you’re preparing for your in-laws.

The Extra Sense of Safety is Important to You

Living alone can at times feel a little scary, especially if you’ve never done it before. Having someone there can ease worries and make you feel more secure. There will be someone to help out if you lose your key and can’t get in, and developing some sort of buddy system can actually make situations safer for both of you. 

The Bottom Line

Deciding to live alone or with roommates can change your life in a big way! Each person is different so there’s no one-fit-for-all answer. Sitting down with yourself to go over the pros and cons of each is a good start to figuring out what’s right for you. If you’re still lost, try taking an online quiz to point you in the right direction with this exciting new step!