Key Renter Considerations for Seasonal Moves

Thinking of making a move once the summer season comes to an end? Similarly to the market for houses for sale, September is an especially competitive time to find rentals, so it’s essential to start preparing as early as possible.

Few want to move during Wisconsin, Illinois or Canada warm-weather months, preferring to hit up the cottage or barbecue in the backyard. When the lazy days of summer finally end, the rush of moving begins and that’s not to mention all the university and college students that start school in September.

Not only does the demand for rental units become more competitive, but so too for all associated services, like movers, cleaners and trucks.

Here are five things to think about when you move during this upcoming fall, that’ll keep you ahead of the pack, whether you’re looking for rentals via MLS listings, or other resource sites.

Start Your Search Early

Don’t leave it to the last minute to find a rental unit. The best apartments and houses get scooped up early. So, if you plan to move in September, start looking around as early as now (July). If you live in a university or college town, start looking as soon as classes finish. 

Sort Out Childcare

For parents, looking for a place to move to during the summer likely means your kids won’t be in school at the time of your search.

To make the process easier on yourself, try to set up reliable childcare, like camp or grandparents on speed dial.

You may need to check out properties immediately and won’t have time to find suitable childcare at the last minute. Snagging the best rental often means being the first one there, or whenever is convenient for the landlord and current tenant. Trying to drag your kids and all their stuff to every place you view won’t be too fun or easy. So, again, plan ahead!

Reserve Movers and a Truck Early

Most people have to move on or around the first of the month, so those days fill up fast, especially for reputable movers. And movers of quality service will book up even faster in the fall. While a handful of companies specialize in last-minute moves, it is safest to reserve movers as soon as you sign a lease. Eight weeks is an ideal time, but if you’re moving within the same city, three weeks should be enough time. 

If you’re planning a DIY move, reserve a truck and a few close friends, but follow the same timeline. 

Pack a Box of All-Weather Clothes

Weather is unpredictable at the end of summer and early fall, especially in the Midwest and Canada. It may mean tank top and shorts one day and a leather jacket and jeans the next. You don’t want to be hauling boxes and unpacking when you’re either freezing or sweating, so leave a box of a variety of clothing accessible in case the weather conditions change.” 

Consider Falling Leaves

Safety comes first, and falling leaves can be a potential hazard, especially when it rains. They can easily cause someone to fall or slip if they’re carrying furniture and boxes up the stairs. If you live in a four-season climate, make sure to clear any walkways and stoops (or ask your landlord to do it) in both your previous unit and your new one.