How Roller Shutter Doors Can Protect You In Your Rental

Wherever you choose to stay, be it a rental apartment, condominium, or single-family residence, you and your family’s safety should be your number one priority.

And one way to boost your security when renting and keep your home safe and secure is through installing roller shutter doors (of course with your landlord’s permission).


Here are some of the ways roller shutter doors can protect your home security while renting.

Roller Shutter Doors Protect You Against Burglars

According to statistics, burglary was 2018’s third-ranking crime in the United States, affecting all 50 states in the country. The highest number of reported incidents of burglaries was in California, and the lowest was Wyoming in that same year. Out of all metropolitan areas, the Louisiana metropolitan area ranks the highest burglary rate. 

In the United States, burglary is considered a misdemeanor or a felony, which usually involves trespassing and theft or intruding any property with the intention to commit a crime. This is why it’s important to protect your rental home with security measures.

One security measure you can take is installing roller shutter doors. A roller shutter door will help deter a burglar from entering your home and it also prevents door damage or broken glass vandals. 

Roller Shutter Doors Provide Greater Privacy

Another way that roller doors can protect your rental home is safeguarding your privacy, most especially if you are on the main road or live in a busy area. Roller shutter doors are made of tough materials that can give you privacy from the outside world in terms of visibility and noise. 

If you are longing for complete silence, you may also want to consider installing a soundproofed or noise-blocking aluminum roller shutter door. Roller shutter doors and windows are highly recommended for rental properties because these are usually located in city areas or near the main road and commercial amenities with high noise levels.

Here are the need-to-know facts about noise-blocking aluminum roller shutter doors:

  • Roller shutter doors that are made of aluminum with an insulated design are great for reducing noise and soundproofing your rental home. 
  • Another option is a roller shutter door featuring a polyurethane foam, which is an efficient material in providing a reliable noise barrier between your rental home and the external environment. Polyurethane foam is excellent in blocking sound transmission and absorbing noise for a quieter, more comfortable, and peaceful environment for your family. 
  • Soundproof roller shutters can lower the noise levels that enter your rental home, and this can only be achieved with proper installation, such as application of silicone sealant between the headbox, the wall, and the guides, properly sealing other parts of your rental home to seal all air gaps that may allow sound in.
  • Remember that installing soundproof windows and doors with roller shutters won’t completely block all noises that come from the outside world. However, you could use carpet flooring, install long drapes, or install other house features that are capable of absorbing sound.
  • You can still enjoy the maximum noise reduction benefits of roller shutters without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your rental home. Aluminum shutters come with a wide range of styles, designs, and colors to ensure that there is always an option available for every homeowner’s preference and style. 

Roller Shutter Doors Are Tough and Reliable

Roller shutter doors add an extra layer of security for your rental home by ensuring the high security of your front door hardware, including handles, locks, hinges, fasteners, and accessories. Rental homes usually have old hardware, which is easy to break.

Installing durable and reliable roller shutter doors will give you a good night’s sleep because you know that you have extra security measures. Of course, you should talk with your landlord about replacing old door hardware even before deciding to rent a place to stay for the long-term.

Roller Shutter Doors for Sun and Weather Protection 

Your rental property most likely has blinds or blackout curtains to protect your rental home against the heat of the sun, but did you know that once the window glass gets hot, the heat will transfer to the blinds or curtains and enter your rental home? The same is true when preventing heat from escaping from your home during winter. 

Roller shutter doors are a great way to protect your windows and doors against the weather, such as hail, and feel more secure inside your rental home. Roller shutters help deflect branches of trees and other debris that can cause damage or break your window or door glass. Also, roller shutters do not rattle in high winds.

That’s why installing roller shutters is a practical solution when it comes to sun and weather problems. Foam-filler roller shutters greatly reduce the heat entering the house during hot summer days and avoid heat from escaping during winter. Roller shutter windows and doors reduce heat transfers and also save you on high energy bills.

Protect Your Rental Budget by Installing Roller Shutters

Energy bills can soar when heating systems can’t maintain a comfortable temperature. If you are renting the property for the long-term, then installing roller shutters will surely bring you more savings in the future by way of added security and incident-prevention. This, in turn, protects your monthly rental budget from unexpected expenses associated with skyrocketing energy bills.