6 Things to Think About Before Renting a Portable Container

There are tons of great reasons for needing portable storage containers, but you might wonder how to select the proper types for your needs.

Also known as moving containers or boxes, these devices are used for storing household goods for long-term storage or for protecting household goods while the items are being transported to a new location or moving.

You might wonder how to rent one or more of these storage containers, and here is the advice offered by other individuals who have gone through the same process. 

Rental Advice 1: What Size Is Needed?

Storage containers (helpful to add storage to your apartment) are available in a variety of sizes, so you should understand the size required for your needs. A company that rents portable containers will help you estimate the size required based on your types of household goods. It is important to remember that this is an estimate because it is possible that you may need a larger or smaller size of the container. In some cases, you will need to rent multiple storage containers to keep your household good safe or to move the items to a new location. 

Rental Advice 2: Does Your Region Require a Permit? 

If you want to keep a storage container on your residential or commercial property, then you may need a permit. To avoid any financial fines, check the regulations in your region concerning keeping a large container on your property. In some cases, you can have the storage container on your property for a short amount of time while you are loading it to move to a new area or if you need to store items while renovating a building. 

Rental Advice 3: Total Cost of the Storage Container

You should think about the cost of the container per day, week or month, including additional fees, such as delivery, pick up or cleaning fees. It is important to understand all of the charges, and you should have the information in writing. You may need to sign a contract, so you should read it carefully first. Remember that if you damage the storage container, the rental company may charge additional fees. You may want to buy insurance as financial protection for the cost of the storage container along with its contents. 

Rental Advice 4: How Long Do You Need the Storage Container? 

It is important to determine how long you will need the storage container. You may only need it for a few days while you transport the filled item to a new home or business, but if there is an emergency, then you will want the ability to extend the rental time. Alternatively, you might rent a container to store items while you are making repairs inside a building, and if the work takes longer than expected, then you will need to pay additional fees for using the container. 

Rental Advice 5: What Is the Container Made Of?

If you need to use a portable container for several months or longer, then you will want a durable item that is made from waterproof and fire-resistant metal. However, if you only require the container for a few days, then a lighter weight thick plastic portable container is often the best choice. When you live in a hot or cold climate, you will need portable storage containers that are insulated, and these items are available from the highest quality rental companies. 

Rental Advice 6: Where Will You Place the Containers?

You must consider where you will place the storage containers on your property along with the next location where you are transporting the items.

You should choose an area that is large enough for the container, but the area must permit easy access to the door of the item. In addition, you won’t want to block the doors or windows of a building, and you won’t want to damage the water or gas lines that are underneath the heavy container.