8 Upgrades that Will Make Any Rental More Comfortable 

When you’re renting an apartment, the space can often feel sterile and foreign. It can even be rather uncomfortable. Some renters simply don’t invest enough in the decor and comfort of their space, and after all, it’s quite difficult to know what one renter would appreciate and another would not. 

Take a look at the following eight tips to help you make your rented apartment space more comfortable and cozy, no matter the season. 

1. Reconsider the Lighting 

You might not instantly connect lighting with your comfort levels, but harsh white light can actually be quite uncomfortable. And it certainly makes for a less pleasant experience.

Consider changing at least the bulbs in your apartment. Something with a softer white light, or even a more muted yellow light in the corners, can instantly make you feel much more relaxed.

Consider the expense of the venture, and try to choose LED lights that are durable and that won’t rack up your electricity bill.

2. Bring in Some Plants 

Greenery adds that much-needed touch of nature to rental spaces, and it will make any room much more relaxing. You don’t have to turn the place into a jungle, but a few carefully chosen plants and some nice pots will provide that cozy factor.

There are plenty of plants that even the least green-fingered apartment dwellers can keep alive. Or, if you know your way around them, you can go for something more demanding and exotic. 

3. Change the Mattress

Sometimes the least comfortable element of a rented space turns out to be the bed. After all, no landlord can afford to swap the mattress out every time they have a new renter. 

The solution to the issue is, of course, to invest in your own mattress. True, you will have to take it with you whenever you move, and you’ll always have to look for a bedroom that can comfortably fit it in. However, if that’s the price of a good night’s sleep, by all means, pay it. 

You can even consider a mattress that is good for back pain, as these are super-kind on your spine. It will help you truly ensure you wake up refreshed every morning.

4. Throw in a Rug or a Throw 

Comfort levels are instantly raised when you add a rug (or several rugs) to a room. For starters, you no longer have to tread on a cold and hard floor (or a not so comfy carpet). They also add that cozy factor that makes all the difference when it comes to comfort. 

Throws on the bed and the sofa are also a very welcome addition to a rental space. They can help you make it more your own, and they make every evening chilling with Netflix that much more enjoyable.

Invest in several quality pieces that you can take with you with every move. Neutrals are usually the safest bet, as they are the least likely to clash with any future decor. 

5. Pillows Are also an Option 

Where there’s room for a throw, there’s room for a couple of decorative pillows as well. They can help you make the sofa a more comfortable area, especially if it’s an older one. They’re just perfect for those sofas where you can’t seem to figure out where to place your legs. Plus, they’re really handy for helping you keep your back straight while sitting. 

You can also use them as a seating area on the floor, around the coffee table, especially when you have guests over. 

Get a couple of inserts you like the size of, and then just keep switching the covers around. 

6. Add a Personal Touch

The worst thing about rented spaces is that they are so impersonal. Adding a personal vibe, on the other hand, is not exactly straightforward. You don’t want to keep piling up your possessions and then have to lug extra boxes on your next move.

However, a few key pieces are all you need. A piece of art to hang on your wall is always a good place to start, but you can make your own art too. Just get yourself a board, and you can add photos, quotes, and scrapbooking elements. 

You don’t necessarily have to make a vision board. Create a unique piece that won’t take up too much space but that will make the home feel more like you. 

7. Don’t Forget About the Scent and the Sound 

Scents and sounds have a huge impact on how comfortable a space is. You can completely change the atmosphere of a room just by burning a soothing candle.

If you’re not really into candles, you can go for potpourri, a diffuser, or a home fragrance. Choose something unique to the space. That way, the specific smell can always remind you of the time you spent in that particular apartment. 

The music you play in your rental can also make it feel more like your own. Just make sure you stay mindful of the neighbors, especially if they don’t have a way of isolating their airspace from yours. 

A pair of portable speakers can always come in handy, and you don’t have to use them in the home alone. 

8. Declutter 

Finally, there’s no better way to make a space feel more comfortable than to declutter. 

No matter how many or how few items we own, everyone needs to go through their drawers and cupboards every once in a while and get rid of all of the items we no longer need.

Organize your pantry and kitchen cupboards regularly. Make sure you don’t have a stray can of beans about to run out of date. Go through your wardrobe and donate things you haven’t worn in years. Take a look at your bookshelf and take the books you no longer reach for to the local library. 

Final Thoughts 

With the help of these eight tips, you can make any rented space feel more comfy, cozy, and more like home. And you don’t have to spend too much money on them either.