Rental Property Features People With Kids are Looking For

Renting the property doesn’t always come easy, no matter what movies told you. There are a lot of things to pay attention to, and missing just one key feature can make your life in a new property a quite uncomfortable experience. Now, when you’re a college student or a young person who just loves to work and party, things aren’t that difficult since your standards are definitely lower. But, if you have kids, then it’s crucial to take care of certain aspects so you and your family can enjoy living in your new rented home. Therefore, here are some of the most common rental property features that people with kids are looking for:

Space, space, space

Having enough space is of utmost importance if you have children, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t rent a property unless it’s a villa, but in order to attract families, a homeowner should offer a significant space that could be turned into children room(s), a study or an additional bathroom. So, even if your place isn’t too big, it would be good if you could utilize it in a way that can be appropriate for a family. Additionally, always make sure to plan the space so the family will instantly feel attracted to your property.

No dangerous spots/appliances/corners

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to completely baby-proof/childproof your home, but if you plan to rent your property to a family, it’s necessary to take certain measures, so they’ll want to rent from you. Making your home safe for children is what parents will always consider a plus, and also, it’ll mean a lot to them knowing that they don’t have to take care of these things by themselves. Also, in case you have means to redesign certain parts of your property, don’t hesitate to do it, as that will significantly make your place more attractive to families.

Comfort and stability

Families need space where kids will be able to play and have fun, so having a home large enough to accommodate everyone is surely a plus. Therefore, a home with a functional and reliable infrastructure, thick walls and durable floors will surely be an apt choice for people with kids. Furthermore, adding a cute chunky kids rug will help parents envision their children playing there which will make them more favorable towards choosing to buy your home. Aside from that, being upfront about certain aspects of the home will give parents a better overview of potential investments they need to know of, which will help them plan better as well. 

Natural light 

Natural light is a big factor when it comes to choosing a home for one’s family since no one wants to raise kids in a dark place where you need to switch on the lights whenever the weather gets a bit gloomy. Even if your home is in a place that doesn’t have exposure to natural light. There are ways to make it brighter, and similarly, you should invest in quality light fixtures, especially in rooms that will be used frequently. 


Location is the holy grain for everyone who’s looking to rent a property, but families rely on it more than single adults, since driving kids to and from schools require a lot of time and organization, therefore, it’s important to make it easy. Furthermore, parents don’t want to rent a place that’s in a bad area that’s filled with crime and noise, because the most important thing that families look for is safety for their children. 

Proximity to good schools and play areas

If there are no schools nearby, chances are families won’t be tempted to rent your property, but unfortunately, since you can’t build a school, in that case, it’s better to lease your home to someone else. Being close to a school (preferably, a reputable one) can be the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a future home. Additionally, having a swimming pool or a sports court and other children-friendly amenities nearby can equally important because every parent wants their children to have access to places that can help them become healthier and fitter. 

These are the most important property features that can attract families to choose your place. Usually, families are focused on location first and everything else second, but having an outdoor area and a safe home can also contribute a lot when it’s time to make a final decision. Aside from these, having functional pipes, sink faucets and enough storage space will definitely be an extra asset. But most importantly, your home needs to look welcoming, as families should be living in spaces that will allow children to thrive, have fun and create warm childhood memories.