Why Should Real Estate Websites Care About Localization?

As a real estate agency or an independent broker, your main goal is to lure in as many customers to your properties that you can. But sometimes it becomes hard to find the right customers regardless of the property, apartments, or any vacant spaces that you may have.

Experts say that there is about a 3% increase in the real estate prices on average, every year. They also indicate that a majority of the property remains unsold because of being overvalued. This means that you need to make sure that you put in every effort to make sure that you get a heavy customer flow. Higher the number of customers, higher the chances of making a good sale or renting out more units at your property.

One of the many effective ways is to localize your marketing content and website. But wait, why should you make such a heavy investment? Why put in extra revenue into optimizing your market strategy? Why go through such an extensive translation process into so many languages? It is just real estate after all.

The benefits that you can reap from localization are remarkable. Yes, it is an intricate and long process, but it also a very rewarding one. Let’s take a look at what are some of the many benefits you can get by localizing your website.

Localizing and Translating Website

Before we move on to explore the benefits of localization, let us take a minute and understand what localization is and how it is different from simple translation.

Translation: it refers to the simple conversion of words of one language into another without adding or modifying the context of the original document.

Localization:  it is the translation of the original document accompanied by the adoption of the culture and the lifestyle of the language-specific country.

Experts say that about 45% of the people in the buyer pool for real estate will consist of millennials in this year. So now is the best time to make an effort to get as many customers as possible.

You don’t want to make a wrong move with these clients. Imagine telling a French joke to a German, or Greek, or Chinese even. Not only will they not understand but they will also feel frustrated. Not to mention the great potential of the situation to offend the customer.

This can cost you chains of clients, once the word gets out. 

So it is not only better but also wise to localize your business website and content.

The Benefits of Localizing Real Estate Website

Finally, let us look at the advantages you can get from localizing your real estate website.

Better Visibility Online

This is the era of an intelligent well-informed customer. The first thing that they do before taking any decision is to research about it online.

Customers looking to buy real estate first look at the internet, more precisely the website of the real estate company, before they make contact with them. If you don’t have the right content online, localization and search engine optimization, then it will be near impossible for the customers to come across your website.

Localization is so important to make your company visible online. Not only do you have to convert the languages but you also have to modify the SEO as per the use in that particular market.

Positive Brand Image 

Every business is based on trust. But, since real estate involves a lot of major and monetary decisions, trust becomes extremely crucial.

So, regardless of the time and marketing strategy, the goal should be to strive for a positive public image.

A good public image can help you draw out an otherwise reluctant market, such as a family or an elderly couple, or anyone who might have reservations about going through an agency.

Because of the diversity that we now see everywhere, localization can really win you that positive brand image. The world is becoming smaller by the second and it would be a shame to not use that to your benefit.

When you give people the homey feeling through localization, it musters up a sense of connection towards you and makes it easy for them to trust you.

Competition in the Industry 

These days, competition is stiff in every field you can think of. Real estate is no different.

Just like any other business or agency, you must also face a lot of competition.

And to stay ahead of that competition, you need a competitive edge. What better edge can you get then catering to the market that others have left unacknowledged because of the language barrier.

You want more than enough people to step into the buying pool if you want to make a decent number of sales. And for that need a decent footing against the competition.

When you localize your business website, it helps people see that you are way more than just any other agency. It will show that you care about your customers and help them see that they can trust you with their major decisions.

High ROI

Localization may cost you some, but should never be looked at as an expense. In fact, it is an investment in your own company.

The hiring of translators, editors, or a translation agency will definitely require some expenses, but every translated blog, description, and the page will bring you customers that will raise your revenue out of the roof.

Final Word

What you need to build a company that the customers come to is trust. And how can you build trust? When you give the people what they want and in the way they most prefer. Which means that you localize your business website for them.

It may not seem like it before, but once you localize, the flow of customers will show you that you have made the right decision. And every penny would be worth more than it did when you invested it.

Localization is the key to your success in the real estate market.