Planning for a Move: How to Get Prepared Well Ahead of Time

A big move is best achieved with lots of preparation. If you can get ahead of the curve before the big day, you stand a far better chance of making your life a lot easier.

Here are some quick tips on how to do just this. 

Be Prepared In Advance

When planning a big move, it is important to get organized well ahead of schedule. Maintain a running to-do list. Be sure that you have all the packing supplies you need, and the NYC Movers, Moishes, advise you to make plans for large, heavy pieces of furniture.

Do you need to leave anything behind?

What is going to be required for your children and any pets that you have? 

Boxes And Supplies

The purchase of your new home may be complete, but now it’s time to get moved. You need all the necessary boxes and packing supplies. A moving office nearest you can hook you up with all the quality boxes and packing materials that you need. You can also get boxes from neighborhood stores and markets. It’s definitely essential to start gathering what you need ahead of time. Here is a good checklist

Coordinating With The Movers

Communicating and coordinating with the moving company of your choice is key, and they offer great advice, too. Pick a moving date well in advance, and don’t be reluctant to ask questions. A few days prior to the big move, be sure to call the moving company again for confirmation. You want to be sure that you steer clear of misunderstandings. 

The removal van needs easy access to both your current and future homes. Do you need any permits? Have you alerted your neighbors about the move date? You want to be courteous and have all of your affairs in order. 

Time To Declutter

When packing, there are going to be some items you leave behind. Packing ahead of time can help you declutter your home and in essence, make it easier to decorate your new home. It is even a good idea to make a list ahead of time of items you plan to leave behind. Are you moving abroad? This inventory of items is definitely going to be necessary with customs, and even in the case of a domestic move, the listing of items being transported helps you when it comes to unpacking – here are some good tips. For items left behind, you can hold a garage sale, donate to charity, gift items to family and friends, etc. 

Size Of Your Home

Is your new home smaller or larger than your old home? This has everything to do with how you plan your packing and the items you keep or leave behind. Always pack according to your plan for decorating your new home. This makes moving a whole lot easier on you. 

The Packing

Do you plan to hire professional movers? Professional packing service can be added, and it is certainly recommended if you and your family are going to be moving abroad. Fragile items will be handled with care, and all of your valuables will be well-protected. If you plan to handle the packing on your own, be sure to start at least a few weeks in advance. Use labels, and be sure to pack your essentials last. You’re going to need them in the days leading up to your big move. 

The Utilities

You are going to need to notify utility companies for both your old home and your new home. It’s also time to notify your family and friends, banks and the post office about your change of address. Do you have children? You are going to need to be planning their schooling well in advance, too. 

Personal Items

Don’t make any plans to pack important documents in advance. The same goes for other personal items, including jewelry. It is possible that you need some of these items while you are moving and getting everything out of storage. Be sure to keep track of these personal items. 

Know The Area

You’re going to be working on getting to know the area better once you move, but there are many things you can do ahead of time to make this happen. You want a smooth transition, and you don’t want you and your family to be stressed. You may not even be moving far away from home, but you still want to get to know the new area.

Be Proactive

Even if you hire movers, you want to be present on the big day. This helps you stay in communication with the company, and it helps ensure that both sides have questions answered when necessary.