Checklist to Find the Best Pet-Friendly Homes for Rent in Columbus, OH

Fido-friendly amenities galore!Find the best pet-friendly homes for rent in Columbus, OH with our checklist.

Looking for pet-friendly homes for rent in Columbus, OH? There’s more to consider than just finding a landlord who is willing to allow dogs (or other pets). You also need a place that makes sense for you, and keeps life with Fido as fun and simple as possible. So what should you be looking for? These top amenities for Columbus-area pet owners are a great place to start. Carry this checklist with you on all your home tours and ask yourself – does it have:

 Easy access to the outdoors
 Fenced-in yard
 Doggie door
 Pet supply storage
 Resilient flooring that can be cleaned easily
 Pet-friendly places to visit with your four-legged friend nearby, including:

 Outdoor parks or play areas (bonus points if it’s near one of the several dog parks in Columbus)
 Local pet-friendly events, like Paws in the Plaza and Wag! Fest
 Restaurants and bars for both you and your pooch

 Built-in spaces for dog beds or litter boxes
 A place (either inside or out) that makes baths convenient
 Pet supply stores and a good veterinarian close by
 Evidence of other dogs in nearby yards (that means it’s a pup-friendly neighborhood!)
 A good window perch for cats to observe the outdoors (bonus points if it has a screened-in porch)
 Safe places to keep cleaning supplies out of your pet’s reach
 A pantry with a door so your pup doesn’t get too nosy when you’re out of the house
 A dedicated area for food, water, and toys
 A yard free of toxic plants (check out this database for information on plants that are harmful to pets)
 Interior free of potential “ladders” that pets can climb to tables, countertops, or other areas if they get too curious
 Window treatments without dangling cords that could be a strangulation hazard
 Elevator access to upper floors for elderly pets or those with special needs
 Nooks under stairs or in other quiet corners where pets can hang out
 A neighborhood with sidewalks or minimal traffic to make going for walks easier
 Plenty of space that can be pet-proofed relatively easily

These are just a few amenities that will make life with your pet easier and more enjoyable — and safe for your animals! Of the dozens of pet-friendly homes for rent in Columbus, OH, you’re sure to find a great choice for you and your furry best friend! Search Columbus rental homes now to get started.

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